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  Hints and Tips for: Mevo & the Grooveriders 
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 Mevo & the Grooveriders Cheats

Mevo & the Grooveriders

Achievements (Steam):
Submitted by: RM

Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable             How to Unlock
Astro Crusaders      - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 11, you're now the 
                       Gruv Crusader!
Brain Freeze         - You shook your brain cells out of place, but you made it! 
                       You got all 3 gruvs in Level 14!
Bubble Blower Master - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 3. 
                       You've mastered bubble blowing!
Cosmic Radness       - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 12. You're Rad. And Bad! 
                       But we mean "good" Bad.
Crown of Perfection  - No misses and you hit all notes perfectly...You must be royalty.
Dung Beetle          - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 6. You're definitely rolling!
Effete Gent Combo    - For achieving 300 combos, we've upgraded you to an Effete Gent.
Fizz Whiz            - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 2. Keep going genius!
Frenzy Tiger         - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 5. You're grrrrrreat!
Funky Tut            - For acquiring all gruvs in the desert world. Lawrence has 
                       nothing on you! But you have Larry.
Funky Xerophyte      - You got all 3 gruvs in Level 8! The sun and sand are the only 
                       friends you need.
Fuzzy Wuzzy          - Great job getting all 3 gruvs in Level 13. We're dizzy from your
Galactic Applause    - You got all 3 gruvs in Level 10! Your star shines brighter than 
                       any other - a supernova in the making!
H2O Purification     - For acquiring all gruvs in the water world: CLEARLY better than
                       the film!
High on Life         - For acquiring all gruvs in the weird world. Mind warping 
                       experiences are not new to you.
Jungle George        - For acquiring all gruvs in the jungle world. You're the King of 
                       the Jungle, baby!
Keyboard Guru        - Is this too easy for you? You didn't miss a single note! Wow!
Lavender Heart       - The Lavender Heart: for barely scraping through a level with 
                       super low health.
Meteor Rockstar      - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 9. Your streak is on fire!
Rescue Gevo          - For rescuing Gevo from becoming a Gruv Landmark.
Rescue Larry         - For saving Larry from Funk Mummification.
Sand Charmer         - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 7. We've fallen under your spell.
Space Monkey!        - For acquiring all gruvs in the space world. TO INFINITY AND... 
                       you did good.
Spastic Monkey       - For acquiring all 3 gruvs in Level 4. Here's a banana to peel.
Surreal Instinct     - For getting all 3 gruvs in Level 15. Your talent is... UNCANNY.
The AAARRRWARD       - Congrats on getting all 3 gruvs in Level 1! You may now speak 
                       like a pirate. AYE-AYE, MATEY!
The Celestial Award  - For a score above 2,000,000, celebrate astronomical jubilation!
The Completionist    - For acquiring all gruvs in the universe. Are you sure you're getting
                       enough sleep?
The Deity Combo      - For achieving 1000 combos. Nobody knew this was possible!
The Dude Combo       - For getting 100 combos, you're now a Certified Dude. Sweeeet.
The Joker Combo      - For achieving less than 25 combos. You're joking right?
The King Combo       - For achieving 500 combos. ALL HAIL the Combo King!
The Legendary Award  - For scoring above 1,500,000, you are what legends are made of!
The OKay Award       - For an OKay score of above 100,000... you're exactly that: just OKay.
The OmiGosh Award    - For a score above 1,000,000, GOSH you're good. OH MY GOSH.
The So-so Award      - For a score of above 200,000, you need a little more practice!
The Stellar Award    - For a score of above 500,000, splendid performance!

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