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  Hints and Tips for: M.I.B. - Men in Black 
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 M.I.B. - Men in Black Cheats

M.I.B. - Men in Black

Cheat Codes:
Update by: akash
Submitted by:: Ruchit Surati

While in the game, press "ESC" to get to the main menu,
then type "DOUGMATIC" several times until you are returned
to the game. Press ESC again and type any of the following:

Code          Result 
AGENTJ      - change your agent to J 
AGENTK      - change your agent to K 
AGENTL      - change your agent to L 
AGENTX      - change your agent to X 
GIVEME      - all weapons 
LOADME      - infinite ammo 
HEALME      - full health 
4HEALME     - full health 
MOVEME      - gives saved games of all levels 
PROTECTME   - invulnerable / God Mode 
KILLEM      - kills all enemies 
HQ          - sends back to MiB HQ 
ARCTIC      - goes to Arctic Level 
NEWYORK     - goes to New York 
UNDERGROUND - goes to underground level 
AMAZON      - goes to Amazon level 
TEMPLE      - goes to temple level 
FRALES      - goes to Frales house level 
mnbomb      - allbombs

Face bitmap code:
You can play MIB as anyone (even yourself). Just replace the files:


with any head bitmap (even a pic of yourself). Then use the cheats to
play as Agent X.

Submitted by: ankush mahajan

When in the last level and when fighting the boss aka Frales do not use
any gun except the gun of key no. 7 as the other guns have no effect on him.

Remove sunglasses:
Press G while playing any MIB agent except for Laurel. 

Stay as New York Agent J:
First, start a new game. Then when game is in progress, hit Esc. and 
highlite New Game,(Don't push the mouse button) and type "DOUGMATIC" 
and the Esc. screen will go off and you can play again. Then, press 
escape again, and highlite New Game and type in any of the four options
below to be New York Dressed Agent J. 

-Type ARCTIC to go to the arctic as NY Agent J
-Type AMAZON to go to Amazon and be NY Agent J
-Type in FRALES to go to The Estate of Skip Frales and be NY Agent J
-Type in HQ and go to Men In Black Head Quarters and be NY Agent J

Submitted by: mohamed esam mohamed

While you playing men in black press escape button and write [dougmatic] the 
escape menu will disapper and press escape and write [hq] you will see your 
black menin hq level you will see a white room there is a door in these white 
room you can play by any one of the men and a women.


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