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  Hints and Tips for: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor 
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 Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Cheats

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

No introduction sequences:
Enter the "\ShadowOfMordor\game\interface\videos\" folder in the game's installation 
directory. Move the following files into a temporary folder: 


When you start the game, the main menu will appear immediately.

Celebrimbor's Quotes:
The Wraith, Celebrimbor, will often quote lines from The Lord of the Rings, while
referencing events happening in the game:

* During Shattered Memories, after waking to find the Graug, Celebrimbor will call
  out "Fly, you fool!" in reference to Gandalf's line urging the Fellowship to run
  during his fight with the Balrog. 

* Upon returning to a Forge Tower, Talion sometimes asks what the Towers are. 
  Celebrimbor will respond that they are a light in the darkness of Mordor, when 
  all others have gone out. This is a reference to the Vial of Galadriel, given 
  to Frodo Baggins. 

* Talion will make a remark about Torvin being a wanderer, to which Celebrimbor 
  will respond "Not all those who wander are lost," which is a line from the 
  poem All that is gold does not glitter, written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Batman Reference:
Shadow of Mordor's combat isn't the only thing that's inspired by Batman. Once 
you hunt and kill one the many Morgul Bats that can be found near the caves of 
Mordor, you'll unlock some info on them in the Nature section of the Appendices.
The page for the Morgul Bats details how the rotting flesh on their teeth makes 
for great poison, and offers an interesting tidbit: 

Those Uruks that get poisoned become horribly diseased and bloated, wearing their
deformities as marks of honor. The poison slowly eats at their minds, sending 
them nightmares of a demonic man-bat who preys on fear.

Seeing as the game's publisher, Warner Bros., also publishes the Batman Arkham 
games, it's no wonder they would include a call-out to the Dark Knight himself.

Easier epic weapon rune farming:
One way to increase your chances of obtaining epic weapon runes is to actually
"help" the enemy Captains and Warchiefs you typically need to kill. Allow them 
to win Power Struggles and let them kill you instead to increase their rank and
levels. Then return to defeat the enemies after they're powered up enough. 
Another way to increase the levels of Captains and Warchiefs is to threaten 
them, but note that doing this will force you to defeat any reinforcements 
they summon as a result.

General Tips: 
* Don't be afraid to run away from fights – sometimes retreating is the best strategy.
* Execution moves are the easiest way to dispatch enemies quickly, so focus on those. 
  Also consider purchasing the ability that lowers the hit requirement from eight to 
* Gain as much intel as you can. You want to know a captain's weaknesses before you 
  approach him, as it makes the ensuing battle much easier. 
* If a captain is weak to instant stealth kills, be sure to focus on stealth. If he's
  weak to ranged attacks, get the bow and arrow ready. Use a captain's weaknesses to 
  your advantage. 
* Even if you're not the type of person to collect everything in a game, picking up 
  artifacts is a great way to get more upgrade points in Shadow of Mordor. 
* Explosions both look awesome and take care of larger groups of enemies. If you  
  see orcs sitting by the fire, shoot an arrow at it to take them out (requires the
  Detonate ability). 
* If you complete all weapon side quests, you unlock special moves for said weapons.
  The special moves are amazing (ie unlimited executions for a set amount of time), 
  so you may want to finish all of the side quests. 
* Upgrade focus often, as picking off Uruks with the bow and arrow in slow motion 
  is a great way to dwindle enemy numbers quickly.

Easy epic runes:
You can increase the chance of obtaining an epic rune by killing high-level Warchiefs
and Captains. Allow them to win during Captains' and Warchiefs' Power Struggles. You 
can allow them to intentionally kill you so that their own rank and level increases. 
Then, return to them and get a revenge kill. You can also threaten the Captains and 
Warchiefs to increase their level. You will then have to take out their reinforcements
as well. 

Ultimate weapon powers:
The following weapon powers can be purchased for the indicated amount of Mirian. When 
purchased, a charge meter will appear at the bottom of the screen. When filled, you 
can use the corresponding ultimate attack. 

* Storm of Urafel (2,500 Mirian): Talion can continue executing enemies for approximately
  twenty seconds. The duration of this effect can be increased by using the Ruination 
  weapon rune. 
* Flame of Azkar (2,500 Mirian): Begins charging when Talion draw his bow. When ready, 
  it allow Talions to have unlimited Elf-Shots, Focus and Fire Arrows for fifteen seconds.
  The duration of this effect can be increased by using the Wrath of the Eldar rune. 
* Shadow of Acharn (2,500 Mirian): Begins charging when Talion enters the stealth mode. 
  When ready, it allows Talion to become invisible for twenty seconds. He can then 
  perform unlimited stealth kills during that time. The duration of this effect can be
  increased by using the Oathbreaker rune.

Fast intel:
Never kill a branded worm; always dismiss them. By doing this they will remain branded 
forever. Once you load a fast travel, enter the Wraith world and find your green branded
worm with the blue triangle over his head. Grab him, get the intel, then dismiss him. 
Do not kill him. Use fast travel and repeat this as desired. For example, use the Forge
Tower on the second map, all the way to the far right in Harad Basin. As soon as you get
there, a worm will be to the right or directly down below you. Each time once you have 
the intel, dismiss him and fast travel to the same tower. He will re-appear there as he
is not killed. This lets you get intel on captai's very quickly. This can be done at 
any tower that has a worm that you can see from the tower.

Duplicating epic runes:
Note: This process takes some time to prepare. Collect all 43 different epic runes, and 
have the "Dispatch" ability. You must have at least 20 Captains alive, which is done 
easiest in Endless Challenge and Test Of Wisdom. Select a Warchief that you will brand 
later. Send death threats to all the Captains and Warchiefs. Brand the Warchief that you
selected earlier. Brand the 20 or more living Captains. Command all the Captains to 
become bodyguards of the Warchief that you branded. Summon the branded Warchief. Delete
the epic rune to be duplicated, or convert it to Mirian. You should now have 42 epic 
runes. Kill all the followers. Once dead, every Captain and the Warchief will drop the
same epic rune that you are currently missing.

Finding Ghul Matrons:
Enter Modor at night on a Caragor. Ride until you find a sparsely populated area and 
see small claw marks appear on the mini-map, which indicates the presence of a pack of
Ghuls. Once at that location, begin killing them. Save a few of them, and wait until 
they retreat. This happens when a flashing claw icon appears over their heads. After 
they escape, remain in that area until more Ghuls and spitters appear. Kill them as 
well, but leave a few alive. They will also retreat; continuing waiting in that area.
After fighting a few waves of Ghuls this way, you will increase the chances of a Ghul
Matron appearing.

Easy "Height of Despair" achievement:
Go to a Forge tower, or ruins near campfires that have four floors (easier). If at a
Forge tower, use Attract to bring enemies closer first. Stealth kill an enemy, and 
immediately climb back up and wait using stealth to check when you can stealth kill
again. The enemies usually lose focus after short time, as long as there are not any
archers that can spot you. "Height of Despair" will be earned after ten such kills.

-= Shadow Of Mordor - Lord Of The Hunt =-
Easy "Ghűls Gone Wild" achievement or trophy:
Have a group of branded Ghűls. Attract a Graug by using some bait to get it into the 
area. Disable the Graug by shooting two arrows in its head, then let your Ghűls climb 
onto it. Note: Try to bring the Graug down to below half health before they jump on. 
When they are on the Graug, press [Dispatch] to kill all your followers. 
The Ghűls will explode on the Graug, killing it. 

Easy "Hot Flashes" achievement:
Start a new Lord Of The Hunt game. After completing the first Caragor mission, 
immediately run to the far west and begin the Ghűl mission. There are fire pits near 
the tents on the hills. Lure a matron over and shoot the fire pit. 

Easy "The Hunt is my Mistress" achievement:
Play "Test of the Wild" oin 'Trial of Wars mode. Kill five Warchiefs and Twenty 
Captains. Note: Normal Urks will not get promoted to captains while doing this trial.
Kill ten Captains using beasts. Note: Warchiefs will not count. You also have to gain
13,000 points. Each of those objectives must be completed within forty minutes. 
Note: You will earn 1,000 points by finishing before the forty minute mark.

Easy "Betrayed" achievement or trophy:
Do not allow any of the Warchiefs to be killed before the final mission in the Bright
Lord DLC. If that happens, the final mission cannot be completed because no new war
chiefs will be available to be dominated. If you dominate all warchiefs successfully,
the storyline will continue after the betrayal.

Easy "Jaws of Death" achievement or trophy:
In Bow mode, green pieces of meat can occasionally be found hanging from structures. 
Shoot them down five times and bait Caragors with them.

Lord of the Ring Achievement / Trophy:
Written by Sp8der

How do everything in 48 minutes with 12 minutes remaining

First go straight to a captain’s mission that spawns around you and interrogate 
anyone you can find in your way to reveal other captains locations (doesn’t need their 
weakness only their location) now start the mission and fight him until he breaks.

Than grab him and dominate him to get intel on other warchiefs or captains to reveal t
heir location and than don’t kill him let him go because you need 8 of branded captains 
alive. After that repeat this until you find a graug than jump on it and roam on the map 
and kill up to 12 captains that you get their location earlier.

Don’t kill more than that always check how many are alive because you need 8 branded 
captains. After finishing branding and killing captains simply go and start warchiefs 
missions and kill them one after another until you get the achievement.


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