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  Hints and Tips for: Midnight 
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 Midnight Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hacker Protocol Guide:
Written by Kaek W.

A different set of Hacker Protocol with simpler rules.

This Hacker Protocol is not the mainstream protocol for Mindnight, but it is 
intended and encouraged to be one. I personally think this is would be the 
simplest and most effective method that even rookies will understand.

In this guide, I will list a Hacker Protocol which has only two rules.

Rule 1: Alpha, Beta, and Omega

There are three roles among Hackers: Alpha, Beta, and Omega (Omega exists 
for 7-8 player games), and they are named respectively according to the 
Counter-Clockwise rotation cycle.

First Hacker in the rotation cycle is Alpha.
Second Hacker in the rotation cycle is Beta.
Third Hacker in the rotation cycle is Omega.

Rule 2: Hacker Priority
In all cases where more than 1 Hacker is put in a node, Alpha has Hacker 
Priority over Beta and Omega, and Beta has Hacker Priority over Omega.

If Alpha props a Node with Beta or Omega, only Alpha may Hack.
If Beta props a Node with Alpha, only Alpha may Hack.
If Beta props a Node with Omega, only Beta may Hack.
If Omega props a Node with Alpha or Beta, Omega must Secure.
If any Hacker props all Hackers in a Node, only Alpha may Hack.
If any Agent props a node with more than 1 Hacker, apply previous examples 
for Hacker Priority.

In a 7-8 player game, if players are on Node 4, Hackers have 2 points, and 
at least 2 Hackers are in the settled proposition - ignore previous rules 
in this case and win the game!

This protocol is designed to eliminate the difficulties of whoever is supposed 
to hack when at least 2 hackers are involved under any circumstances.

With this Protocol, no hacker can follow through with the "Ye who hacks first 
is Alpha" and "Hacker who props may hack" complexes.

This Hacker Protocol's goal is to help Hackers not get caught and not get 
caught up.

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