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  Hints and Tips for: Mirror's Edge: Catalyst 
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 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Cheats

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Elegant Flight" achievement:
This can be easily be done during the "Memento" fragile delivery near the headquarters safehouse 
(The Lair). This is a very easy and short delivery, one of the first you will come across. Always
skill roll when doing jumps or dropping down somewhere. The skill roll will ensure a soft landing
and keep the package safe. There is a package symbol displayed at the top of the screen. If you 
see it taking damage, you must restart the delivery (let time run out or kill yourself and it will 
automatically restart).

Easy "Praise The Run" achievement:
Simply keep running in circles for two minutes without the focus bar decreasing to get the "Praise 
The Run" achievement.

Easy "Easy Runner" achievement:
First, unlock the "Turn", "Coil", and "Skill Roll" skills from the movement upgrades. Go to the 
area shown in the video and perform the required combo in quick succession. It is important you do 
not perform any other moves in between and complete it in one go without the focus bar breaking. A 
detailed explanation for every move can be seen at the movement upgrades screen.

Dash Shortcut Cheat:
This is a possible cheat for always completing dashes with faster shortcuts (if it carried over 
from the Beta to the final game). Run a Dash and stop before you finish. Then look on the map 
where you are. Restart the Dash and mark the location where the finish line is on your map. 
Now following your runnerís vision, which will show you a short way to the finish.

Easy "Danger Zone" achievement:
A good opportunity to do this is in Mission 7: "Fly Trap". You can replay it through mission 
select at any time (under the pause screen where you view the map and upgrade your character 
etc). A couple of minutes into this mission, you will go to the Lair safehouse. You will 
encounter a large group of enemies. There are more than enough enemies in this area to do this.
Note: The kills only count after the focus bar has been maxed out (build focus by running around
or knocking out enemies). Your focus bar is allowed to decrease between knockouts. It just 
cannothit zero. Restart the checkpoint if it runs out. It is highly recommended you purchase
all upgrades first and then replay this part through mission select. The only tricky enemies 
are the Shock Protectors. The quickest way to kill them is with Traversal damage. Attack them 
from a wall run or climb on an object and jump down on them. The other enemies are pretty easy 
to defeat. Every time you take damage your focus bar will decrease, and when you knock someone 
out it will increase.

Easy "Law-Abiding Citizen" achievement:
At the very start of the game (the first time you have control over the character), you must 
very slowly walk through the first two doors. Do not run. Walk as slowly as possible to get 
the "Law-Abiding Citizen" achievement. This can be your first trophy in the game. If you 
already completed this mission, you can replay it through mission select at any time (under 
the pause screen where you view the map and upgrade your character etc.). You can abort the 
mission after getting the achievement.

Getting 3 stars in all dashes:
There are 22 dashes (races) in the game. Get 3 stars in all dashes to get the "Peak Performer"
achievement. To get a 3 star rating, you must complete the course very quickly. They are all 
time-based. The quicker you are, the more stars you get (3 stars being the highest rating). 
They are free running exercises in which you must reach a certain target area. None of them 
have enemies. You unlock more dashes by playing through the story. The following are some 
tips that will help in getting 3 stars in all dashes:

* Complete the story first and unlock all movement upgrades and magrope skills. 
* Always start with a shift to gain speed. 
* You must use shortcuts. Follow the routes in the video. Following the red arrows will almost 
  never get you 3 stars. If you know the exact target area (for example, by completing the dash 
  once), you can mark it on your map. It will then show you the quickest way there (shortcut).
* Running, shifting, and jumping all have the same speed. You cannot save time by shifting all 
  the time, as it will not make you go faster. Running is the fastest way to move around. 
* Use skill roll on big drops only. Use coil to jump over small objects without touching them 
  (should be used wherever possible; practice this move a lot). 
* When you fall off a rooftop, you should restart the dash right away.

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