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  Hints and Tips for: Monopoly Tycoon 
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 Monopoly Tycoon Cheats

Monopoly Tycoon

More money:
Use a text editor to edit the "initialpref.lua" file in the scenario or
level folder in the "scripts" directory in the game folder. Near the top
should be the following entry: 

if Game.GetDifficulty() == DIFFICULTY_(difficulty) 
then InitialValue.playermoney = (money to start with); 

Find the difficulty you are playing under and change the initial value
to whatever desired. 
Note: The custom scenarios in the game are in the "custom/deepred" folder.

Submitted by: Jevgeni Krasnosjolov 

If you play such levels where you have to do a lot of money before the others,
then do like this: Buy some blocks 3 or more,but you have to buy these blocks
where you can collect rent,such where city has built theyr shops and apartements
or where the computer player is,then start building your own shopping centre,and
then buy all railroad stations,because then you will have the money what tourists
pay for the train tickets, this will give you a lot of profit and a big Empire 

Bug Exploitation:
Submitted by: nightraider

To win an auction at the lowest price follow this procedure: Start an auction
then as soon as you switch to the auction screen save your game. Then quit the
game and reload the save game. 99% of the time all the computer players wil 
pullout giving you the property for the cheapest price. If someone does bid 
against you just reload again till they don't. 

Win auctions:
Start an auction. Immediately save the game when the auction screen appears.
Quit the game and reload your saved game. Almost all of the time, the CPU 
players will pullout of the auction, allowing you to get the property for the
cheapest price. If this does not happen, reload the game and try again. 

Megapolitan bonus scenario:
Finish all scenarios with any character. After the ending sequence, you be 
given a new scenario to build a Megapolitan. You will have $200,000,000 to 
build it, with no rival leaving you free to build your own city.

Submitted by: Subal Saini

In this game while competing with other players,construct your businesses next
to the well established business of your opponents. Example construct a book 
store next to the book store of your opponent on the same block which is having
a lot of business going on. After you have constructed then drop the sales prices
of the product of that business lower than your opponents price.At first you will
have some loss but after some time you will see that all the business is coming 
to you and your opponent is not getting anything and you will get a big profit!

If you want to construct a building, it is better to build the night time buildings
in the day time and the day time at night. It is cheaper to do so this way.

Unlock all scenarios:
To unlock all the scenarios, play the first game and build the following on Pacific
Avenue: a theater, bar, restaurant, bakery, apartment complex, and clothes store.
Build each of these buildings as tall as you can with a medium quality. 
It does not matter how much surface area you make them. You must do this before the 
second time period. Then, save and quit the game. When you restart the game, you 
should have all the scenarios unlocked and the budget will read 100,000,000, 
but will never decrease (unlimited budget).

Build on Unbuildable Blocks:
This glitch will enable you to build businesses on the Railroads and Utilities.
First, obtain the lease on two blocks; a normal block and an unbuildable one, 
such as a railroad or utility. Click on the normal block and click on the "Build"
icon. The game will ask you if you want to activate building rights. Now, click 
on the railroad or utility and it will ask you if you want to activate building
rights for it. Say yes, and you can build on the normally unbuildable block. If
you want to build more, you have to click on the normal block again so it asks 
you if you want to activate building rights. Then page over to the block you 
just built on. This is great in the "Race for Mayor" and "Last Man Standing" 
scenarios because you can landscape an entire railroad or utility without losing
space to build your business empire.

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