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  Hints and Tips for: Mortal Shell 
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 Mortal Shell Cheats

Mortal Shell

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Shell Locations:
1. Harros, the Vassal
After the tutorial, you are in a forest area, named Fallgrim. Continue forward 
on the path until you reach the split in the road, then go to the left to find 
this first shell.

2. Solomon, the Scholar
In Fallgrim Tower facing Sester Genessa, go out the door to the right and straight 
forward into the cave. In here you can fight the first miniboss Grisha. After it 
is defeated, go down the slope at the back and crawl through the hole to find 
another enemy. After it is defeated you can pick up the shell by the torch on the 

3. Tiel, the Acolyte
From Fallgrim Tower, facing Sester Genessa, go left and crawl out the hole, then 
down and through the graveyard area out the other side. At the cooking pot that 
some Brigands will be sitting around, look to the right to see some wood blocking 
a hole, which you can break then crawl through to the other side. Here you fight 
a miniboss named Ven Noctivagu. Once it is dead, you can interact with the Shell 
on the ground to the left.

4. Eredrim, the Venerable
From the room where you fought Grisha then went to the Solomon Shell, go to the 
right and crawl through the hole. Follow the left wall all the way to the end 
until you reach the area with all the stone slabs and large rectangular blocks 
leading to a tower. Go down the path to the stone area, then you can find this 
shell leaned against a fallen block on the left before the set of stairs.

Basic Guide for Beginners:
Written by michael.schonert

This guide is intented to help player new to this game, or any other soulslike.

-=Mindset: How to Get Better=-
* First of all: be vigilant! Don´t assume you can run through this game like nothing else.
* Watch your surroundings, look where and how many enemies are ahead of you.
* Plan your attack, dont just run in ! You will most likely be overpowered and killed.
* Look for helping stuff, like mushrooms, loot crates and the alike. 
* Knowing where to go when you are in a pinch will help you a lot.
* Also, always keep an eye on your endurance bar. No endurance = you are most likely done.

Managing your endurance is key to get better in this game.never drain your stamina 
completely so your are able to do something if things won´t go the way you have planned.
Also, keep in mind that you still could go into hardened mode to get your stamina back.

Parrying (space bar or lb on xbox controller) gives you a huge andvantage over your 
enemy plus a succsesful riposte (rb) heals you. This form of healing will come in handy
the whole game through.

Learn to parry the standard enemies first: as soon as combat starts, take 2 steps back
and wait for the attack as soon as you would get hit by the attack, use the parry button.
It might be hard at first and might take a while to get it right, but being able to parry
is satisfying ;) worth mentioning is your parry item will give you a "hint" which attacks
are parryable and which are not. It will flash red if enemies use those attacks. Just 
dodge or use harden is this case.most enemies will take some time to recover from said
attacks, that is your window to strike them down !!

Running into ememy groups will most likely kill you, instead try to lure them over to 
you 1 by 1.

If you mess up and the whole bunch comes running, try to keep them in front of you to 
not get surrounded... or, and this might hurt your pride a bit, run away to face them 
once again in the way suiting you.

In any souls like, there are very hard to kill mf´ers who most likely will feel like unkillable. 
Here are some hints for those:

* Don´t just run in and fight, watch the boss first.
* What is he doing, what is his moveset.
* Where does he pause between attacks?
* Finding those "sweet spots" where you are able to hit him without taking damage is key 
  in this game and all the others alike.

-=The Game World=-
Like many soulslike, this game is packed with stuff to discover, search every where for 
goodies.the mushrooms have a special place in the game because they grow back after a 
short time.this makes it easy to farm a lot of them over time. One is right next to the 
main base of yours (facing down the road, look to the left, can´t miss it).

Last bit of advice: don´t take it too hard if you die. Tenacity is key in this game.
Die - try again, get better, succeed: if you feel tired or dying again and again, 
take a break.

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