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  Hints and Tips for: MotoGp2 
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 MotoGp2 Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:andy wright

Floating bike mode:
If you change your bike logo in the EDIT RIDER screen to "kingpin" you get a weird
kangaroo type bike next time you race.

Hint All mini-games:
Submitted by:  xorbz

To unlock minigames watch the credits when it says "silly minigames" hit "Enter", now
on the main screen there will be an option called minigames.

Submitted by: pyllin

To have access to all bikes, you must open the archive "motogp.cfg" placed at the main 
folder, and write in this line: game/unlock_all_riders = true 
Save the changes.. and now you can select any driver!

Submitted by: saurabh yadav allahabad india

Open the archive with your notepad "motogp.cfg" placed at the main folder, and you
will find a line: game/max_bikes = 20 change the 20 into 1 and you will race all alone.
Last i want to say that i want to be a good friend so please consult me if you have 
any problem and be my freind @ or

Submitted by: Usman Mahmood

(i) To unlock all bikes go to "motogp.cfg" and open it with Notepad then type:
"game/unlock_all_riders = true" then save this hen closing.

(ii) To unlock all tracks go to "motogp.cfg" file then type "game/unlock_tracks = true"
then also save this file when closing.

Note: Any problem with the cheats type me to my E-Mail Address.

Submitted by. Sonu Sinha

You can't play motogp2 without game cd inserted. But i have a cheat that you can play
the game without gane cd. You have to do these jobs after installation. Firstly locate
the file named "elf.42" in your motogp2 game cd. just copy it in to motogp2 folder on 
your computer. For example "c:\program files\motogp2". And now go to command prompt and 
type "regedit". 
Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\THQ\MOTOGP2" and locate the key "CDPath" in the 
right side box. Modify it's value to "c:\program files\motogp2" or whether you have
installed the game on your computer. Now close "regedit" and enjoy the game without
game cd. if you have any tips then mail me on " thank you.

Unlock everything and ride smooth in every difficulty:
Submitted by: Kamaljeet

To unlock everything in the game and ride a smooth bike, first go in the motogp2 folder. 
For example-C:/Program Files/MotoGP2. Then open the "motogp" cfg. file. 
Then write this in the last line:

debugcheat/lullbullbydub = true
game/simbase/medium = 0.0
game/simbase/hard = 0.0
game/simbase/legend = 0.0

Then save it. Now when you run the game, you have everything unlocked in the game and
you can also ride a smooth bike in every difficulty!

Play motogp 2 with out disk.
Submitted by:

U can play motogp2 without having cd.First copy whole motogp 2 cd in UR local drive(C/D/E).
Install motogp2 from local drive(C/D/E). & U will not have to insert cd of motogp2 to play.
Donot move or delete motogp2 from harddisk or it might work.

Submitted by: amit

To unloack split screen go to motogp main folder and open cfg fle and write 
"unloack/split screen" and then save it.

Unlocking characters easily:
Start stunt mode and win the race under the pro difficulty setting. Burn out at the start
until the counter reaches about 3,000 and do not go off the track (or you will get the 
clean section). Do this for about eight tracks to unlock all the characters. 
Note: You will need a bike with at least all stats at about halfway on each bar.

Hidden mini-game:
Unlock the Sheridan Training Circuit and ride to the first chicane on that circuit. Go to
the building to your left and find the entrance with the wire fence. Enter the building 
and search it to find an arcade machine with the Credits Shooter mini-game. 

Submitted by: bidhan

Below mention codes should be edit in your "motogp.cfg" file. This file will be found in
the same place where you have installed your game MotoGp 2.

game/unlock_tracks = true 
game/unlock_all_riders = true 
debugcheat/lullbullbydub = true 
debugcheat/freecredits = true 
debugcheat/fake_all_challenges_complete = true 
debugcheat/minigames_unlocked = true 
cheats/turbo_amount = 1.3329999 (between 1.0 and 5.0)

Tips: Good Points In Stunt Mode:
Go to the Moto GP 2 cfg file using note pad. In that change the bikes from 20 to 02.
game/max_bikes=02. It will be on the seventh line from the top. Go to the stunt mode and
give a clean finish (don't go outside the track) and you will get more points in stunt 
mode. Do this in all the tracks.

Unlock Minigames:
To unlock minigames watch the credits when it says silly minigames hit enter, now 
on the main screen there will be an option called minigames.

Submitted by: Jenian S. Sangma

First of all my regards to all MOTOGP Lovers. 
If you can't win this game in "championship" or "legend" level then this is the only 
cheat you would love.

first open the "motogp.cfg" file in notepad from the game folder
and type the following code in the last line

cheats/turbo_amount = 1.3329999
ai/speed/clamp = 0.0
ai/speed/min = 0.0
ai/speed/max = 0.0
ai/speed/update = false
ai/speed/ApproxMaxVel = 0.0
ai/catchup/speedmaxdist = 0.0
ai/catchup/speedrange = 0.0
ai/catchup/accelmaxdist = 0.0
ai/catchup/difficulty/gpmode_increment = 0.0
ai/catchup/difficulty/arcade_increment = 0.0
ai/catchup/difficulty/force = -1.0

wanna watch this cheat video, just go to
Love you all thanks ! ! !

Complete game cheat work:
Submitted by: johny klebitz

u just need to open noteped or motogp.cfg... than copy this: 
unlock/split screen
game/unlock_tracks = true 
game/unlock_all_riders = true 
debugcheat/lullbullbydub = true 
debugcheat/freecredits = true 
debugcheat/fake_all_challenges_complete = true 
debugcheat/minigames_unlocked = true 
language = 9
multilingual = 1
dx/adapter = 0
vmode/width = 1920
vmode/height = 1080
gfx_detail = 100
game/max_bikes = 08
net/bandwidth = 1024
dx/refresh_rate = 0
vmode/color_bits = 24
vmode/alpha_bits = 8
vmode/depth_bits = 24
vmode/stencil_bits = 8
vmode/multisamples = special
dx/hardware_tnl = true
dx/vertex_shader = true
dx/pixel_shader = true
dx/retracesync = false
dx/triplebuffer = false
display/texture/shrink = 0
display/texture/layers = 4
display/texture/mipbias = 0
display/texture/mipfilter = linear
display/texture/minfilter = anisotropic
display/texture/magfilter = linear
sun/on = true
display/reflection/draw = true
watertrail/on = true
display/droplets/draw = true
display/detail_blur/on = true
dx/videos = true
track/draw_dist = 100
lod/track_bias = 100
lod/bike_bias = 100
lod/rider_bias = 100
lod/shadow_bias = 100
particles/density = 100
skids/density = 100
GUID-0x6f1d2b6011cfd5a04544c7bf5453-encountered = true
GUID-0x6f1d2b6111cfd5a04544c7bf5453-encountered = true
PCcontrol/0/count = 1
PCcontrol/0/controller0/portion0 = 1864182625
PCcontrol/0/controller0/portion1 = 298833312
PCcontrol/0/controller0/portion2 = 1162135487
PCcontrol/0/controller0/portion3 = 21587
PCcontrol/1/count = 0
PCcontrol/2/count = 0
PCcontrol/3/count = 0

and than u save it... in the new noteped that u opened save and change the .txt to .cfg.... 
and in the motogp.cfg just save and launch the game create new user are use one that u 
already open and go to tracks and u will see every track open and bikes and minigame and 
turbo and filters and everythink other that u want.. 
fill free to leave a comment.

Email :

this game cheat is for those who wants to change the race music while playing moto gp 2.
you can play your one favourite music only you have to follow these steps-

1- select one of your favourite music which one you want to play while racing.

2- go to this website to change your music to ogg file because there is only ogg file support.

3- now after conversion copy this ogg file of your favourite song and paste it to 
C:Program FilesMotoGP2pcdatamusic

4- it ask administrator permission so confirm it yes.

5- now here you can see the various files like rio_2002, suzuka_2002 and like this suppose 
you select suzuka_2002 you have to copy this name and paste it to your song name means rename 
your song with this name .

6- and the old one you can delete or rename to diffrent name so that there would not be 
same name for two track.

7-now close it and when you play in suzuka your song will be entertain you during all race. :)

8-you can put diffrent song for diffrent tracks only following same procedure so that 
diffrent song will be for diffrent track.. :)

hope you'll like it ..enjoy..!! 
keep Gaming .......

Stunt mode points:
Submitted by: austin

you can use cheat engine of any version.Just start your game, open cheat engine, connect 
it to your game.Once you start your stunt mode, scan for the original points you have and 
then change it to as much as you like.

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