Motocross Madness 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Motocross Madness 2 
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 Motocross Madness 2 Cheats

Motocross Madness 2

Cheat Codes:
Trent, Submitted the following Information:

In a practice run if you crash you can press tab and you will get back on
the bike instantly.

Big Head Mode: 
For the bikers to have larger heads, simply type "big heads" at the main menu.

Quick Recovery:
Press the [TAB] key to reset your player immediately on the bike to continue 
racing. This is extremely helpful if you're racing others and you fall. You 
don't have to wait for the cinematics of you falling or waste time getting 
back on the bike. 

Rainbow Studios:
When playing, press [ALT]+[TAB]+[A] like you meant to switch screens. When you
open up MCM2 again, the ground will be Rainbow Studios' pattern. To remove this, 
simply restart your race.  

Get up faster:
Once you fall you press tab and you will get up immediately.

* Keeping your balance and adjusting the pitch of your bike while in the air is
  a key to Madness success. There are two ways to do this: you can either move 
  your rider fore and aft, or you can work the gas and brakes to spin or stop 
  that rear tire. Get comfortable with both and you'll find yourself crashing 
  less and riding more. 

* As great as your bike and rider look up close, you'll want to pull the camera 
  back quite a bit for a good look at the nearby surroundings and to ensure your
  entire bike is onscreen at all times. 

* There's more than one way through virtually every course, and sometimes it's 
  not very obvious. Outdoors, you should explore through the foliage and memorize
  the results. Indoors, you can often set up your bike and modify your line to 
  take an entire section of bumpy roadway in a single jump. 

Submitted by: thimo cornelissen

Go to my computer and open drive 'c'. Go to programme files and open Microsoft
Games then open Motocross madness 2 and go to the file UI search the file PCnames
end open it. There you can change the names of your oppponents of the race.

Change into other objects:
Press \ during game play to change into nearby objects, such as airplanes, rocks,
cars, telephone poles, etc. 

Blast off a mountain:
Ride to the very edge of the screen until you see a big mountain. Try to ride up
the mountain. If you make it three-quarters of the way up, press [Tab] to warp 
to the top. If you land on top, keep driving (do not drive off the mountain) and
you will be blasted far off screen.

Stick man and bike:
In Enduro, do not edit your bike then choose a level. You will end up as a strange
man with a bike made of sticks. Note: This may not work all the time.

Invisible man:
In any Stunt Quarry with a lot of shrubs, press [F11] and lower the "Overall 
Graphics Quality" to zero. Hide in a shrub, and you will be invisible.

Perfect wheelie:
Hold [Lean Back] + [Gas] + [Brake].

Whistling noise:
Go on Stunt Event and go to the edge and up the cliff. Keep going until you 
start flying away. Quickly press [Tab] to reset yourself before you go over 
the edge. After a few seconds, you will hear the whistling noise that occurs
when flying normally.

Crazy Textures:
If you manage to get something that minimizes Motocross Madness 2 (like an 
alert in the background) (alt+ tab doesn't usually work), then when you go 
back to the game, a random texture will have tiled itself over EVERYTHING.

Colourful World:
While in Stunt Mode of Supercross Mode, press Ctrl+Esc. Then Restore the Game from
the toolbar. Click Resume and you should hace the ground turn into a skin from the
RIDER Folder.

Rainbow Studios background:
Enable the Windows "Stickykeys" feature and press the button to activate it during 
game play. The game screen should minimize into the Windows Taskbar. Then, switch 
back into the game tab to reopen the screen. The landscape should be covered in 
the colorful Motocross Madness logo.

Extra Cheats and Hints:
Submitted by: Sudhanshu Warfighter
Email : 

In level Roswell in Stunt Event you can see a UFO.
Pro-Circuit is Career mode. You must complete it and earn 3 Award Bikes.


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