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  Hints and Tips for: My Time at Portia 
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 My Time at Portia Cheats

My Time at Portia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Limesy

* Meet everyone. This way you can get rid of those pesky ? marks on the social tab 
  and get a little glimpse into what their character is like and what benefits you 
  get from befriending them. 

* Focus on a few people at a time, particluarly the ones that you are interested 
  in romancing. Chat to them every day and gift them something simple if need be,
  an extra point every day goes a long way. The My Time at Portia wiki has a lot 
  of tips on which NPC likes what item. 

* Donít forget your friends! A developer has confirmed that your social points will 
  decay if you do no interact with the person after a time limit.

* Commissions are a nice little boost if you donít mind giving up some gols/
  reputation. Portiaís residents can put in commissions, usually easier ones, which 
  reward the player with social points to their corresponding owner.

* Don't get caught cheating! There's a jealousy system in place when you romance 
  multiple characters. If you are out on a date with one and bump into another 
  romanced character you will send both of them into a jealousy state, losing 
  social points and not being able to interact with them (chat, gift, etc). 
  You will have to gain their trust again by gifting or completing tasks or 
  waiting 7 days.

Secret Stuff!:
Written by Linnense

* So far the most known secret, is the secret room. I do not have pictures of it, 
  but have found and been in the room myself.

* Reports say that this room is in AR #1 and you must clear out the area under the 
  elevator and you'll find a tunnel. This tunnel should have the 'E' button prompt 
  and say something like "Unknown" or "Secret" location. You venture in and I found
  there to be level one Gooeys and one chest that gave me llama fluff. Uneventful.

* There are folks who have spent weeks in game clearing out the mine and have not
  found it, while others have stumbled on it by accident. We don't know if it 
  always shows up or is a random spawn, but there you go. 

* Also in the AR #1 is a large piece of architecture with a hit box (this one I 
  haven't found). In order to properly mine it, you need to upgrade your pick axe
  to bronze or higher. From what I heard, this is also uneventful when you break 

Dodgy Guide to Dodging:
Written by The Grand Mugwump

So why did I make this you may ask. The answer is the developers decided, like 
many others, to include a dodge mechanic in their game. However, they never 
explain what dodge can do in the game and made it only work against some attacks
and not others, misleading many players as to when it is extremely effective and
when it is significantly less useful.

-=What is the dodge in My Time at Portia?=-
A dodge basically makes you move slightly faster in the direction you were facing 
when you pressed dodge. It consumes 50 endurance without the talent, can be used 
with only 1 endurance remaining with no penalty, and it prevents your character 
from flinching when hit while they are dodging. Dodge will also grant the player 
about a half second's worth of invulnerability which only applies to some attacks, 
making it required for beating the rat king and less useful in many other situations.

-=What does dodging work on?=-
Dodging will make the character invulnerable to most melee attacks. Exceptions: 
Drill AI's drill and spinning attacks, and sparring opponents' attacks.
Dodging will not make the character invulnerable against most ranged attacks. 
Exceptions Chemical Dropout's ranged attacks.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* Dodging will work with even 1 endurance point. This makes the dodge talent a 
  horrible use of talent points compared to the other first tier options.
* While dodging may not stop the player from getting hurt, it still makes the 
  player immune to flinching. This makes it extremely useful for escaping from 
  a sparring opponent's combo
* All bosses will time their attacks exactly to when the player will regenerate 
  enough endurance to dodge. The player should never retreat while using well 
  timed dodges except to avoid big attacks.

How to Win Every Spar Match (Cheats):
Written by Cloverpaw

-=What is Sparring?=-
Sparring means "fighting with bare hands" in this game, basically. You fight the 
person you talked to. Sometimes it helps you unlock areas. Like in the Wastelands,
when I discovered this trick! Well, let's get on with it, shall we?

In the limited forcefield-dome you spar in when you select spar when talking to an NPC. 
Now, the cheat - avoid your enemy by running around in circles! 

Here's a few tips when using this cheat:

* Never go the other way. If you are going anticlockwise, don't go clockwise. 
  same the other way. Never ever do it.
* Go In (Near the center) and Out (Near the rim) often.
* If you feel like the enemy is getting faster, start sprinting (on and off to save 
  energy. Don't go haywire, holding down the shift button).

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