Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst 
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 Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst Cheats

Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst

Puzzle Solution:

- Think outside the box. For example, the word "horn" could be a 
  musical instrument or an animal's horn. An egg could be a shell, 
  an egg over easy, or a painted egg. 
- You can click on the telephone to automatically solve a locked door 
  challenge, but you will forfeit all remaining hints. So make sure to 
  use up your hints before using the telephone! 
- You don't have to clear every single room to find the diary page, so 
  if you get stuck, move to another room and come back instead of wasting 
  a lot of time on a single clue 
- Keep an eye out for Felix the Fish (the Big Fish mascot). Click on him 
  and you'll get the chance to enter a contest to have your own image in 
  the next Mystery Case Files game!

Parlor Lock:
Hint: To unlock this door, the wooden tokens must be fit into the appropriate 
slots. The circle of slots is divided into two halves, the left being light 
and the right being dark. You must fit the tokens that have sun/light themes 
into the left side, and darkness themes in the right.

Step 1: 
Left: sun, sun hat, sunflower, umbrella, sundial, sunglasses
Right: owl, bat, moon, Saturn, star, flashlight

Step 2: Flick the light switches on either side to unlock the door

Circumventing the timer:
When you are going to put together the jigsaw puzzle at the end of a level 
and you are short on time (say you only have 3 minutes left) get as many 
pieces in the center as you can. Then when the "Two Minute Warning" box pops 
up don't click "OK" right away because you can place pieces around the outside
of the box while the game is paused. Then click the "OK" and use the remaining 
2 minutes to place any center pieces you have left.

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