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  Hints and Tips for: Nascar Racing 2 
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 Nascar Racing 2 Cheats

Nascar Racing 2

Cheat Codes:
Go to the Nascar 2 directory (you might have to go thru Sierra first.)
and go to the folder TRACKS, then go to the folder called Taladega, 
after that go to the file that looks like a read me file but says 
Taladega, go in it and go to speedway, there will be a number 1 and
two other numbers, change the number one to the number 0 and exit. 
While racing you can reach speeds of 230 mph. 

All Out Competition 
If you're getting sick of all of those lapped cars getting in your way
during the race than this is the code for you. 
Choose a list from the driver info menu and do as follows:
Choose a driver at the bottom of the list and select INFO. 
Select the SKILL menu from under the bio. 
Alter the skill settings to match the following: 

Endurance--477    []    563
Car Drag---100    []    147
Car Power--480    []    565
Car Trac.--485    []    569

Repeat this for all drivers. Now get ready for a race full of close
and exciting competition. 

Gain Lead Position (Atlanta Motor Speedway) 
To seize first place at Atlanta Motor Speedway, wait for the yellow flag.
Then cross the start/finish line, back up and cross it again!
Note: This cheat works only on the original version of Nascar 2. 

Cheats for NASCAR 2 are easy. Under the quick Race menu, just set the 
opponents strength down to the lowest it will go, which is 80% and then
set the damage to no car damage, no yellow flags, no player breakdowns,
etc. Have fun, as this applies to both the quick races AND the season 
races. Hope this solves the problem. 

Faster pace car:
Enter the game directory and find the file that corresponds to a track, 
such as "/nascar2/tracks/bristol/bristol.txt". You can edit the speed of
the pace car by locating the line that begis with "PACEA". Change the last
two numbers in the speed (it can have more than two digits) that you want 
to be the pace speed. Because the pace car is slow at accelerating, it 
will most likely not reach anything extreme but it still exceeds its 
normal speeds by far.

Decals on painted car:
If you want to paint a car and you want it to have decals, right click the
stamp at the top. You can select your driver's sponsor or a car number.

Gain laps:
Note: Disable car damage in the game options. Intentionally crash into another
car to get a yellow flag. Remain at full speed and pass as many cars as possible,
and ignore the yellow flag warnings. Pull into the pits when the black flag 
appears for passing under the yellow. Your car should retain its lead after 
coming out of the pits.

Atlanta Motor Speedway: Quick win:
Note: This trick only works in the original unpatched version. At the Atlanta
Motor Speedway, wait for the yellow flag then cross the start/finish line. 
Back up and cross it again to instantly win.

Always finish in first place:
* Turn your car around and ram the other cars until there are no more remaining.
  Then, turn the other way and to get an easy first place finish.

* In championship or quick race mode, get the best qualifying time, then select
  "Next Session" until the race shows up. Hold [Up] and press [Enter] and it will
  change to "Race Over". You will have gotten first place when you check the stats
  on that race. Note: You will not receive any bonus points for winning when using
  this trick in championship mode.

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