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  Hints and Tips for: Nauticrawl 
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 Nauticrawl Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A Departeeís Guide:
Written by GivingTree

As I sit in the plush interior of my now well-furnished Nauticrawl, I transcribe 
these words of wisdom for all who would follow The Path. Soon I will depart, and 
maybe so will you.

In my guidance I will largely be coy, because this is a game about figuring things 
out for yourself. But I understand that sometimes all you seek are answers, so I 
will leave only the truest of statements under spoilers for those who are sick of 
deciphering riddles. I just want to help, after all.
Operations and Obligations, a guide to your omni-environmental vehicle
The Nauticrawl is perhaps the most versatile vehicle you will ever pilot, and with 
a softly-carpeted interior as well. Like all machines it will only ever do what 
you instruct it to, but where we use words it uses more tactile means of conversing. 
What Iím saying is that you are going to have to pull all the levers and press all 
the buttons in order to divine their functions.
Here are some general rules you can count on.

Those little switches? They all determine whether something is on or off. As fits 
something with binary states.
Every input attached to your radar panel is related to navigation. Adjust the two 
dials (is that what theyíre called?) to alter your engine power and your fuel 
injection. The wheel near the bottom rotates you. Pull the lever to execute movement. 
The little tab next to the red meter? Pull it to vent heat.
Your cloak is either receiving enough power to conceal you, or it is not.  On the 
left-most monitor, if you find the cloak readout page, you can see your Ďstealthí 
percentage. If it is 51% or higher, you are invisible.
The Finder knows where you should go. By and large, your Finder will lead you 
towards either the critical path or goodies. There exists an exception.
Crystals are single-use, but thereís always one around when you need it.
There are a few definite DONTís when it comes to piloting your Nauticrawl, abide 
by them.

DONíT let the heat gauge get completely full, even if a little helps.
DONíT idle without the engine on.
DONíT pull the big lever if your heading is red.
DONíT attempt to keep going in a radiation storm. Dummy.
DONíT ever give up. I believe in you.
And here are some specific tips to make your travels smoother and safer.

Your monitors and finder also consume power. Turn off all but the mainframe monitor 
before executing an action to save power.
There is no need for repairs if you are never hit. Your cloak is absolute. Your 
cloak is your friend. Keep it just sufficient to conceal you, vent heat after each 
movement, and save power via your monitors in order to stay cloaked indefinitely 
whilst travelling.
Due to quantum mechanics, fuel weighs less in your tanks than it does in the hold. 
To save on storage weight, donít switch fuel tanks. Use one until it runs low and 
then just fill it up from your storage.
The Critical Path, seek and obey ye finder
Learning to use your Finder is key. It is one of the most essential pieces of 
integrated technology in your Nauticrawl and following its guidance will ensure 
you spend far less time puttering about, running out of fuel, and crying over 
your map.

-=Thankfully its also very simple to use. Just follow this simple rule=-
* The wigglier the line, the better your heading.
* Really! Thatís it! It also helps to read the words underneath said wiggly line, 
  so that you know where youíre going. The more ominous and scary something sounds,
  the more you should be heading towards it. Unless its a landsquid.

If you want more explicit instructions than that, hereís a handy-dandy step-by-step 
guide on how to really get away from it all. The spoilers contain direct instructions, 
if the hints provided for each step are too vague for you.

1# Learn how to pilot good. This stage is basically a long corridor. Follow the Finder. 
Mount new equipment you find. New equipment can mean switches do new things. To make 
it off of the tutorial island youíre going to have to figure out how to move your 
majestic Nauticrawl around without exploding or being riddled with bullets. Beyond 
that, the first area is relatively straightforward. Youíre looking for the Crystal 
Tower, once you find it just nethook in, retrieve the crystal, and mount it. 
Once that is done, those three switches beneath the rightmost screen become usable.

2# Find someone to help you. Sometimes shady dealings are all youíve got. Pick any, 
it literally doesnít matter. Do not attempt to traverse radiation storms. Once youíve 
taken to the air and realised none of the controls will respond and your map is blank, 
you may begin to feel panic or frustration. That is normal. Instead of screaming 
though, use the panel in the lower right corner to broadcast a signal of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. 
This will bring a friend to you. Progress their dialogue, accept their deal, and your 
map will be filled out. Progress to an island of your choice, it literally doesnít 
matter which.

3# Follow the Finder. Donít walk into the deadly deadly redness. Remember to mount 
new equipment you find. Use your new tool on everything in your way. Landsquids are 
not your friends. Once youíve found your way, follow it! Once youíre on your next 
island look at the finder. Head towards the Royal Arsenal and nethook in to get 
access to that thing below the nethook that Iíve just now realised I donít know the 
name of. Iím just going to call it the gun panel, because thats what youíre gunna 
use it for. Now that you can gun things, go find the altar terminal and its deadly 
deadly laser fence. Gun the pillars (thereís actually 5, even though its a rectangle) 
and then progress to the center and retrieve co-ordinates and a new crystal. 
Take off and head to the lighthouse.

4# Follow the Finder. The scarier and more ominous the thing, the more you need to 
deal with it. Open the door. Plunder to your hearts content. Something that seems 
ornamental, isnít. Look at your Finder. See/hear the Guardian prowling around and 
making scary noises? Go gun it until it stops. Take its key, go open the gate, and 
loot the lighthouse. The salt IS important. Once youíre in the air again, pull the 
golden-wreath thing above the crystal and charge hyperdrive. With just a little more 
fiddling, youíre home-free to find your way among the stars. 
Congratulations on beating Nauticrawl!

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