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  Hints and Tips for: NBA 2K18 
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 NBA 2K18 Cheats

NBA 2K18

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Locker Codes:
To unlock the codes, players will need to go to the main menu and access 

From there, players need to choose “Features,” and then “Locker Codes,”.
PAYRESPECT – Unlocks the blue, red, and white ABA ball.

How to Get Ankle Breaker Badge Quick and Easy:
Written by Schmoneyz.

First, start off by playing a season game! You can not skip it and you have 
to play through it all! After you play a season game, click continue after 
the game, so you spawn at the central spawn area! If you spawn by the 
fountain, look behind you and go to the building where it will say training 

Once you enter the training facility, click on the button to choose a 
badge to work on, and click ankle breaker. After you click ankle breaker, 
go down to gauntlep top or something close to that, as that is the easiest 
drill to do a double move to score. 
All you have to do from there is do 2 moves and score. 

The easiest way for me is to do 2 behind the backs, or my rythm up 
crossover and drive to the goal and layup. As long as you do 2 moves, and 
score, shooting a 3, mid range, or a layup, it will count towards ankle 

How to Defend and Lockdown Your Man:
Written by Noxrain.

Guide about how to properly defend your man in NBA2K18 covering
 a variety of concepts.

* Find your perfect "defending distance" for your opponent
* Keep the distance
* Stay in front
* Track your opponent

-=Find your perfect "defending distance" for your opponent=-
Figure out what the guy your guarding is good at. Set your "defending 
distance" according to that. If he is a good shooter, stay close to him. 
If he is a good driver, stay further away to cover the drive. The better 
of a shooter he is, the closer you need to defend him. 
The worse a shooter he is, the further away you can stay from him and 
focus on covering the drive.

-=Keep the distance=-
Your opponent obviously moves around the court. You remember your 
"defending distance" you decided for? Keep that distance at all points.
If your opponents attacks the hoop, back down. If he goes further away,
close out the distance so your back at perfect "defending distance".

-=Stay in front=-
In addition to your distance, you need to stay in front of your opponent
at all times. No matter how close or "not-close" you guard him, stay in 
front. The second your sideways or behind your opponent, he has a huge 
advantage and is likely to score. So always try to stay in front. 
Thats also, why you want to guard your guy as far away as his capabilities 
allow you to do.

-=Track your opponent=-
And finally, track him. Always keep the relative position to your opponent 
the same. If he moves to the left, you do, if he moves to the right, you 
do. Try to stay in front of him and defend at your "defending distance" 
at all times, and you've got your tracking down.

Easy VC:
You can earn up to 600 VC daily by simply using the MyNBA 2K18 mobile app. 
Another 500 VC can be earned from matches in the Quick Game, and the daily 
login bonus rewards you with 100 VC. Simply simulate matches with SimCast 
in MyLeague mode to earn VC for almost no effort. You can get up to 500 VC,
along with other rewards, for answering a few questions in the NBA 2KTV 
interactive episodes. The episodes come out weekly -- 
so keep an eye out for them.
Go to the 2KZone when you are exploring the Neighborhood to earn VC. You 
can either answer trivia questions for 25 VC each or go to the betting 
machine to accurately predict up to 3 matches, each of them earning 
you 25 VC.

Auction House:
Successfully complete the following goals in MyTeam to unlock the Auction 
House, which allows you to buy and sell players:

* Earn 3 stars in a Domination game. 
* Win a Schedule mode game. 
* Open a League pack. 
* Earn a Challenge Token (complete all 5 Warm Up challenges).

Infinite VC Glitch:
Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.
1.First off go to MyTeam and don’t forget how much VC you got (ex: 1.000 VC)
2.Go to MyGM/MyLeague and START a new MyLeague.
3.Go to options / MyLeague Settings and put the Quarter minutes up to 12
4.Go to options / Settings and put the difficulty on Hall of Fame (HoF)
5.Simulate your first game with “Simulate with simcast live” only not 
  with “Simulate with simcast”
6.Wait until your team scores 2 points or 3 points.
7.Go to “Quit” and then “Simulate to the End” 
  (it doesn’t matter if you win or lose you still get the VC)
8.Go Back to MyTeam and watch the VC you gained.

WARNING: After doing this always change the minutes by -1 (ex: first time 
you used 12 now you use 11 minutes) do this method until 1 min per quarter.
Then wait 10 minutes before doing the same method.

How to Get VC fast:
* You will have 600 VC daily for using the MyNBA 2K18 app. 
  The app has the feature to scan your face for MyCareer.
* You will have 500 VC from matches in Quick Game.
* 100 VC from daily Login Bonus. 
* One can also earn VC by playing in My Career mode from 700 -1500 
  (Depending on your Performance).
* The interactive Episodes of the game can also let you have 500 VC just 
  by simply answering some of the questions. 
  (Episodes are out every week so have an eye on them.)
* Earn Money for no efforts by simulating matches with SimCast in MyLeague.
* You can earn money by exploring the Neighborhood too.
* Answering to Trivia’s each and every question will also let you have 25VC.
* You can to betting and predict 3 matches to earn VC’s.
* And the last by buying VC from the Store.

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