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  Hints and Tips for: NBA Live 2000 
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 NBA Live 2000 Cheats

NBA Live 2000

Easily unlock Michael Jordan and Larry Bird:
Submitted by: Norberto Feliberty

To unlock Jordan and Bird in NBA live 2000, go into the create
players screen enter enter the coresponding code for each player.
The passwords go into the first and last name fields 

Michael Jordan = come fly with me
Larry Bird     = celtic pride

Practice courts:
Type playground at any screen before game play begins to play at
the night court or the day practice court. 

Use Legends in rosters:
Go to Trade Players, and trade a Legend to a team without a replacement.
You cannot trade a non-Legend player to a Legend, or put a non-Legend 
player in the Legend pool. You can only select a Legend and trade him 
to the team without a replacement to the Legend pool. You do not need 
to unlock him by defeating him 1-on-1 in Superstar mode.

All-Decade Team players:
There is a set of five All-Decade Teams (1950's through 1990's), and all
of the players on those teams can be unlocked to become available to put
on any desired roster. In order to achieve that for each player, the game
will give you hints as to how this may be done. Michael Jordan, for 
instance (as well as for Wilt Chamberlain and one other player from the 
1950's team), can be unlocked by beating Michael Jordan with any player 
in the superstar level in the game's one-on-one mode. If there is a way 
to unlock players by achieving certain performances in a single game, the
easiest way to do that is to use a great team (like the All-Decade Teams)
against a poor one (like the Chicago Bulls). For seasonal achievements, 
just work your way through it. All the achievements can be achieved, but
if you want to win by a lot over a team, do not try to make 15 'threes' 
or pick up 30 assists in a game -- just play up-tempo basketball. If you
try to make the achievements, watch yourself because you also have to win
the game to unlock the legends.

Defeating Isaiah Thomas:
Get fifteen steals in a game in superstar mode to unlock him on the roster.

Use a good point guard (preferably) with quick hands (Iverson, Kidd, Payton,
Stoudamire, Brandon, and Knight are probably the best). Follow the ball. 
There are times when you can strip someone off the dribble, but that may 
be difficult (Kidd and Isiah Thomas do that the best). The easiest way is
to strip a player trying to post-up down low, and your guard (the player 
you are controlling) comes on the double-team; but wait until the post 
player starts his dribble. You will steal the ball a lot by doing this.

Hint: Defeating Michael Jordan:
Defeat Michael Jordan one on one in superstar mode to unlock him on the 

Although the following trick can be done with any point total to win, 11 
is probably the best. Choose Jeff Hornacek to play against Michael Jordan.
After getting the ball, just shoot three-pointers. Michael will not guard 
you until your start to make a lot of shots or get a big lead. When he 
does start to guard, back up a few feet from the three point line and 
shoot the ball. He will not guard and you can still make the basket. 
Note: Make sure to release ball at the top of your jump. Jeff Hornacek
will not always make it, so only shoot the three-pointer on every other
shot. He should make about 90% if he shoots every other shot. Try to 
drive on every possession when you do not shoot a three. 

Another strategy is to use Willis Reed. Back Jordan into the lane, and 
then shoot within five inches of the basket. Jordan cannot block Reed, 
and Reed can also use a deadly jumper if he is less than 25 feet from 
the hoop. 

Another strategy is to use Oscar Robertson, since he is a good all-around
player, could can shoot and post-up. 

Another strategy is to create a player that is very tall, with 99 in all
attributes. Just post up and shoot three pointers.

Another strategy is to use John Stockton. After getting the ball, move 
back a little and shoot 3-pointers. Shoot the ball at the top of your 
jump. When playing defense, just defend the best that you can.

Use Reggie Miller and drain threes. If your friend creates a 7'10 monster
and you cannot get a shot off, use Miller again. As soon as you get the 
ball, run backwards a step and fling a deep fadeaway - or drive in and 
back him down as far as you can. Instead of letting the ball go at the 
peak of your jump, let go as soon as you can and the ball will go through
his chest. 

Hint: Easy scoring:
Start a one-on-one game with a friend. Pump fake to get him/her to jump. 
Then, just go right around your opponent with a spectacular dunk or nasty
nice lay-up.

Hint: 3-point baskets:
To get fifteen 3-point baskets in a game, your best players to do this 
are very streaky, but decent shooters (Bird, Rick Barry, Iverson, Glen 
Rice, Tim Hardaway, etc.). Many times with these players, you can either
kick it out to them from the low post and shoot, or (which is better most
times), if you are going on the fast break, pull-up from 3 point range. 
You still have to shoot at the top of your jump, but with streaky shooters,
you have a great chance of hitting several in a row, even if you do not 
shoot from the top of your jump.

To unlock Larry Bird you need to get at least 20 points in the 3-Point 
Shoot Out in Superstar. Try using Glenn Rice from the Lakers, or John 
Stockton from the Jazz. Use as many chances as you can get -- set it up
for 8. 

Hint: Triple-Double:
Try getting the Triple-Double with points, assists, and steals. 

Create a player that is 7'10" and around 270-280 pounds. Make him a point
guard with 99 in all attributes. He should be able to rebound, block shots,
steal, score, and dish out assists very well. You should be able to get 
more than one legend by getting the fifteen steals and thirty assists.

Recommended created player:
Create a player that is 7'0'' with all stats set to 99. Someone who is that
height can rebound and block more with ease. He will also be able to shoot 
3 pointers better than the rest of the team. With this player you should 
average15 to 30 rebounds and 10 to 20 blocks a game.

Easy steals:
In the main menu, go to "Rules" and check out everything. Lower the defensive
fouls and foul outs to zero. During game play, get in front of a person and 
do a handcheck. The ball will come loose, allowing you to easily get more 
than 15 steals.

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