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 NBA Live 2006 Cheats

NBA Live 2006

Cheat Codes:
Update by: trikY
Submitted by: Haspa

Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoe - Enter DRI239CZ49 as a code
S. Carter 3 shoe         - Enter JZ3SCARTVY as a code
unlock jersey            - Enter 9922NVDKVT as a code
Jordan Melo 5.5 shoe     - Enter ZXDR7362Q1 as a code
T-Mac black shoe         - Enter 258SHQW95B as a code
T-Mac 5 white shoe       - Enter HGS83KP234P as a code
The Answer shoe          - Enter RBKAIUSAB7 as a code
Boston Celtics uniform   - Enter 193KSHU88J as a code
Detroit Pistons uniform  - Enter JANTWIKBS6 as a code
Sacramento Kings uniform - Enter 654NNBFDWA as a code
East All-Star uniform    - Enter 234SDFGHMO as a code
West All-Star uniform    - Enter 2J9UWABNP1 as a code
Allen Iverson message    - Enter HOYAS3AI6L as a code

Easy My NBA Live points:
Make a perfect team and simulate the whole season. At the end 
of the playoffs you will get a call that says how many points 
for season tasks you got. Usually if your team is good you will 
get about 8,000 points to spend. This takes time, but it also 
gets you a lot of points.

Freestyle superstar stats:
The following are the minimum set of stats required to be able
to become a freestyle superstar. All stats listed must be at 
least 80 unless otherwise specified.

Easy Live points:
Get a created player and edit your gameplay settings to all shots 100.
Set the quarter length to 2 minutes and shoot 100% for the game. You 
should get about 2,500 points every time you do this.

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