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  Hints and Tips for: Necesse 
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 Necesse Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Early Game Tips:
Written by Highspeedpixels

This short guide explain how to start easy and efficient.

Learn how to use settler to do some forestry; just designated the area, 
and they will chop and replant tree without you needing to do it manually. 
Wood is very important; for walls, decors, farmland (very important), and 
torches. It is easy to come back and find you have 500-1000 of wood in
the storage if you designate a big area.

Wheat is one of the best starter plant; first, you can buy it from farmer 
if you really need the seed Ė and also, sell it.

If you managed to recruit a farmer, you can sell a wheat for 9 coin (extremely 
happy happiness, which isnít hard to do). It really isnít long until you can 
have 2-3 worker to maintain a large farm. with around 100ish (or more i forgot) 
wheat planted, I can get around 300-400+ yield rather often (you also end up 
with a lot of the seed to plant again). Each of 100 unit gives you 900 coins.
 Really nice for enchanting cost.

You can use the money to buy fertilizer because the compost takes way too long; 
for around 6 gold a piece. Stock it and settlers can be designated to use it, 
to make your wheat grow faster, repeat.
Which is why a farmer is a great early recruit.

You can probably get more money planting sunflower (11 coin a piece at 
extremely happy) but wheat has more use overall (it makes flour -> bread, you 
no longer need to worry about food) so might as well.

Eventually, Iíd plan to move to sunflower or alchemical flower, since those 
might be more profitable and aplenty to find the seeds early on Ė assuming you 
find an alchemist and if his price is better - I have yet to see how profitable 
this could be.

How to Dupe Quest Items:
Written by NotCody

This may or may not be common knowledge to some of you but if youíre grinding 
the Quest Reward Items like I am, itís so helpful.

So the game automatically deletes any 2nd quest items that drop on the ground 
when transferring to your inventory BUT if you move the first item to your 
Void Pouch/Bag, you can continue picking up more drops. I keep my inventory 
and Void Bag open as Iím doing whatever it is I need to do for the quest item 
so I can easily transfer, however it takes a good amount of screen space.

You can move multiple to your inventory from the Pouch/Bag and store them into 

* Pick up quest item
* Move to Pouch/Bag
* Rinse and Repeat until have a desired amount.
* Profit???

Storage Tips:
Make sure that the priority is set properly, and the items allowed matches the 
requirement for each storage, if you are missing a specified type the NPC wonít 
pick it up if thereís no destination to move it to.

Make like 3 storage for each category of item and set their priority to ĎTop-Higherí 
levels, NPCs wonít sort items and itís possible that NPC may take a item from a top 
priority storage and put it into the same storage beside it as top priority and end 
up mixing things up.

Chest #1 = Top priority 
(items goes here until full, then fills the next priority chest that matches requirement).

Chest #2 = Higher priority 
(if a top priority chest has free space, take items from this chest and move it to 
top priority).

-=Bonus Tips=-
* Unassign a chest

When you go in to configure the chest, there is a big red button.

-=Cancel work area with RMB=-
Just click the storage icon, and then the delete button.

Beginners Tips:
Written by Enby

Here you can find some useful hints and advice for newbies.

-=Tips and Trick for New Players=-
* NPCs are your friends, especially in battle. While fighting monsters on the surface 
at night, even bosses, if you bring them close enough to NPCs theyíll fight for you and 
do much more damage than you could possibly do with starter weapons.

* Plant early, plant often. Wheat especially. Food can quickly become a problem if you 
donít prepare ahead, and while meat is nice you can run out of animals pretty fast. Wheat, 
however, can be milled for flour, feed animals, and is generally useful. It will give you 
more bread than youíll personally need, also setting up food source for settlers later on.

* Storage is love. Storage is life. For real, you WILL run out of inventory space often 
while cave-diving. And dying will make you lose both money and materials as well as random 
resources. Storing anything you wonít need will save your life. Also, label your chests 
(last button to the right in the chest interface), you will thank yourself later.

* Donít be afraid of the recall scrolls. They can and will save your life. When youíre 
out of potions and/or realize you forgot food (or ran out of food) and youíre in the far 
corner of the caves with endlessly respawning zombies roaming about, youíll want a quick 
out. Always keep them on you.

* Always keep health potions, and donít forget that Q is for Quick heal! Trust me, unless 
youíre a dodgeball champion, youíll need it.

* Too many enemies coming at you? Think 300 (the movie). Funneling enemies in a tight corridor 
with a high knockback weapon (75 and above) at the ready can make the difference between lots 
of loot and your corpse on the floor.

* Pest hunting is profitable. Zombies and goblins are annoying, plentiful, and are just a 
nuisance in general. However, they can drop ore, ore bars, broken tools which can be refined, 
and are an endless source of gold coins. Leaving a large accessible cave room unlit with traps 
in safe positions can give you lots of loot for minimal work.

* Settling down is a good idea. Starting a settlement might make you feel like a European
 colonizer, but itís a good thing in this game. Once you set up forestry & husbandry workzones, 
a decent farm, and have the farmer settler, you can cave-dive for hours and not have to worry 
about food or wood for a long time. Just donít forget to set up chests to be accessible by 
your settlers. And be nice to them, give them a nice home with lots of furniture, 
itís worth it.

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