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  Hints and Tips for: Nerf Arena Blast 
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 Nerf Arena Blast Cheats

Nerf Arena Blast

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by Matt

Cheat mode:
Press [~] in the game first then type:

Code                  Result
god                 - God Mode
allammo             - 999 Shots for All Guns
fly                 - Fly Mode
ghost               - Walk Through Walls
walk                - Turns Off "fly" and "ghost"
invisible [0 or 1]  - makes you invisible
open [mapname]      - Opens [mapname]. See names below.
behindview <0 or 1> - Toggle third person view
playersonly         - Disable AI
kick                - Kick player
fov [0-360]         - Set field of view; 90 is default
suicide             - Suicide
sshot               - Takes a screenshot
ping                - Display current ping
setjumpz [number]   - Set jump height
slomo [number]      - Set game speed; 1.0 is default
timedemo 1          - Real-time framerate meter
tframerate          - Deactivate timedemo and give timedemos.
setname             - Change your nickname
setspeed [number]   - Set game speed; 1.0 is default
changecrosshair     - Change or removes the crosshair
changehud           - Change view of HUD
summon [name]       - Spawn indicated item
feigndeath          - Feign your death
cheatview           - Change perspective to the wanted object
viewclass           - Change the perspective to the wanted object
viewself            - Change the perspective to oneself again
killall             - Kill wanted person or object
killpawns           - Kill everything

Map Names: 

* Head to the Setup screen and choose Blasters to customize the weapons
  that you consider to be the strongest--in other words, the ones that 
  are best for you. This saves you the hassle of grabbing a weapon that
  you don't feel is useful when you're manually switching weapons. 

* Start a multiplayer game while not connected to the Internet (or as
  a Private game) to memorize each map without the distraction of having
  to battle other players. 

* You can modify the NERF.INI file in the Systems Folder to include bot
  players in multiplayer mode. Simply edit the line that says 
  "bMultiPlayerBots=False" to read "bMultiPlayerBots=True." To change 
  the number of computer-controlled opponents, head down a couple of lines
  in the file and change the number after "InitialBots" to whatever you like.

* Make sure you become well acquainted with the alternate fire modes of
  each weapon--their effective use is what sets champions apart from the
  Nerf masses.

Spawn or shoot objects:
Enter the Advanced Options screen. Select "Advanced", then "Raw Key Bindings".
Next enter one of the following codes to bind to the key of your choice. Press
that key during game play to spawn the corresponding object. 

Effect                  Code 	
Shoot Whomper ball      summon nerfweapon.bap 	
Spawn Triple Strike     summon nerfweapon.tripleshot 	
Spawn Whomper           summon nerfweapon.whomper 	
Spawn Wildfire          summon nerfweapon.turbofir 	
Spawn Side Winder 	summon nerfweapon.sidewind 	
Spawn Scattershot 	summon nerfweapon.scatter 	
Spawn Pulsator          summon nerfweapon.pulsator 	
Spawn Nerf Cannon       summon nerfweapon.mightymo 	
Spawn Hyperstrike       summon nerfweapon.hyperst 	
Spawn Ballzooka         summon nerfweapon.ballzoka 	
Spawn Suit Power Plus   summon nerfi.suitpowerplus 	
Spawn Mega Speed        summon nerfi.megaspeed 	
Spawn Mega Jump         summon nerfi.megajump 	
Spawn Mega Power        summon nerfi.megapower 	
Spawn Electro Shield    summon nerfi.electroshield 	
Spawn Double Damage     summon nerfi.doubled 	
Spawn Whomer ammp       summon nerfweapon.whomammo 	
Spawn arrows            summon nerfweapon.roxammopickup 	
Spawn Side Winder ammo  summon nerfweapon.tracker 	
Spawn Scattershot ammo  summon nerfweapon.scatammopickup 	
Spawn Mighty Mo ammo    summon nerfweapon.mmballpick 	
Spawn Wildfire ammo     summon nerfweapon.dartammopickup 	
Spawn Ball ammo         summon nerfweapon.ballammo 	
Shoot ball              summon nerfweapon.ball 	
Shoot Goo ball          summon 	
Shoot Mighty Mo ball    summon nerfweapon.mmball 	
Shoot Wildfire dart     summon nerfi.nerfdart 	
Shoot SecretShot2 dart  summon nerfi.defaultdart 	
Shoot Side Winder disc  summon nerfweapon.side_cd 	
Shoot Pulsator ball     summon nerfweapon.spinball 	
Spawn target            summon nerfi.winky_target 	

Player settings:
Use one of the following entries after set PlayerPawn (for all players) or set
nerfkids.ted (only for the players which do have that skin) to activate the 
corresponding effect. For example, enter set PlayerPawn Fatness 128 as a code.

Fatness [0-255] 
Drawscale [number] (default is 1) 
Mesh [mesh name] 
Texture [texture name] 
Skin [skin name] 
Health [1-1661992958] 
JumpZ [number] 

Easy points:
Go to the Ball Blast event and get all weapons and ammo. Then, go to where you
shoot the balls in (not by the water fall). Use the jump thing to jump in front of
the hole. Stand there until you get all the balls. Shoot them in and keep doing 
this until you get 100,000 or more points.

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