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 NFL Blitz Cheats

NFL Blitz

Cheat Codes:
On the versus screen, press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons below 
the helmets. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times 
each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad 
or Analog-stick in the indicated direction to enable the code. If you 
entered the code correctly, you will hear the name of the code and a sound.
Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Jump(2), Pass(3), Left.
Note: More then one code may be activated per game. 
Code          Result
2-5-0 Left  - Fast passes  
1-2-3 Left  - Super field goals  
2-1-1 Left  - Allow stepping out of bounds  
3-1-2 Left  - Power-up blockers  
5-0-0 Left  - Turn off stadium  
0-1-0 Up    - Late hits  
0-4-0 Up    - Huge head  
2-1-0 Up    - No first downs  
3-4-4 Up    - No interceptions  
1-5-1 Up    - No punting  
4-3-3 Up    - Invisible  
5-1-4 Up    - Infinite turbo  
0-4-5 Up    - Super blitzing  
2-3-3 Up    - Power-up teammates  
3-1-2 Up    - Power-up offense  
4-2-1 Up    - Power-up defense  
0-3-0 Down  - Fog on  
0-4-1 Down  - Thick fog on  
0-0-1 Down  - Show field goal %  
4-2-3 Down  - No random fumbles  
1-0-2 Right - Hide receiver name  
0-5-0 Right - Big football  
3-1-0 Right - Team tiny players  
1-4-1 Right - Team big players  
2-0-3 Right - Team big heads  
2-0-0 Right - Big head  
5-5-5 Up    - Hyper blitz [Note 1]  
1-1-5 Left  - No play selection [Note 1]  
0-2-1 Right - Show more field [Note 1]  
0-1-2 Down  - No CPU assistance [Note 1]  
4-0-4 Left  - Power-up speed [Note 1]  
3-1-4 Down  - Smart CPU opponent [Note 2]  
1-1-1 Down  - Tournament mode [Note 3]  
2-2-2 Right - Night game  
2-1-2 Left  - Weather: clear  
5-2-5 Down  - Weather: snow  
5-5-5 Right - Weather: rain  
3-3-3 Left  - Invisible receiver highlight  
0-3-2 Left  - Fast turbo running  
3-2-1 Left  - No head  
1-2-3 Right - Headless team
Note 1: Two player agreement required.
Note 2: Only in one-player game.
Note 3: Only in two-player game.

Onside Kick:
After you score a touchdown the play screen will come up. Choose free
point (it goes a lot faster) and then right after you select free point
hold in Z, A, B, R, and push the joystick up. 

Hidden Players:
Enter these codes at the Enter Initials screen. 

 Player:              Name:       Code:
 Mark Turmell         Turmell     0322         
 Sal Divita           Sal         0201         
 Jason Skiles         Jason       3141         
 Jennifer Hedrick     Jenifr      3333         
 Dan Thompson         Daniel      0604         
 Jeff Johnson         Japple      6660        
 John Root            Root        6000        
 Luis Mangubat        Luis        3333         
 Mike Lynch           Mike        3333        
 Jim Gentile          Gentil      1111         
 Brain                Brain       1111         
 Dan Forden           Forden      1111        
 Skull                Skull       1111         
 Headless Guy         Carltn      1111         
 Demon Shinok (MK)    Shinok      8337         
 Raiden (MK)          Raiden      3691

Hide Cursor While Making Plays:
When you're on the play selection screen, you can hide the cursor so others can't 
see the play you choose. To do this, highlight the upper-left play (where the cursor
is before you move it), then move Up on the joystick twice to hide the cursor.

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