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  Hints and Tips for: NHL 2008 
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 NHL 2008 Cheats

NHL 2008

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: boneK

Stick Flex:
When creating or editing a player, make sure to consider his strength 
(size and weight) when choosing the Stick Flex setting. Bigger, stronger 
players can deliver a more powerful shot with a stiffer flex. 
Smaller players however do not have the strength to utilize the stiffer 
flex settings. Make sure to make the necessary adjustments by providing 
them with a more flexible stick. 

CCM Gear:
To get old-style CCM uniforms, type "fh6ft48h9kkhb" in (without the quotes)
as your password in-game. 

If you are speeding towards an opponent, or pressing the sprint button, and
you check him, you will get called for a charging penalty. 

Reebok Gear:
Head to the in-game cheat menu (the "RBK password"), and type in 
"h3oyxpwksf8ibcgt" (without the quotes). 
If inserted correctly, you will get a bunch of new Reebok-related jerseys.

Unlock RBK Edge Jerseys:
At the RBK Edge password option, enter h3oyxpwksf8ibcgt as a password.		

Unlock All Jerseys:
At the 2007-2008 Uniforms password option, enter S6j83RMK01 as a password.

Overcoming the salary cap:
If you have created a six player squad of 99 ratings, but cannot fit them to 
a team due to salary cap concerns, even in a custom team, put them in an 
international or all-star team. These teams are not restricted to salary 
caps. Another way to cheat on the salary cap is to use an AHL team. They also
have the new RBK Edge jerseys.

Getting good players:
If you want a line with all one All-star (for example, Crosby), release him 
from his NHL team, his All-star team (West, East), and his World All-star 
team (North American or World). Then, sign him to your team.

Getting good players:
Avoid "one season wonders". For Season mode, a seemingly cheap price tag on a 
great, young player (for example, Ovechkin of Washington Capitals, Andrej 
Meszaros of Ottawa Senators, or Cam Ward of Carolina Hurricanes) may at first 
seem to be a good idea. However if this lineup is on a Dynasty mode, when you 
want to keep them after year one, you will be in deep trouble. An expensive tag 
on an old or poor player may mean that they are retiring soon or have long 

NHL 2008 Your opponents goalie is out:
Submitted by: Otto

* When you got a tie or 1 goal higher, when is it the last 30 seconds in the 3rd
  period, just dont take the puck for a bit.
* When up by the goals you see "Away goalie pulled" or ""Home goalie pulled"
  (When you are home, then away, when you are away, then home)Than take the 
  puck and shot in the empty net!

P.S.when you are tie and then hit a goal, then you can do that again. Good luck!

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