NHL 2 on 2 Open Ice Challange Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: NHL 2 on 2 Open Ice Challange 
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 NHL 2 on 2 Open Ice Challange Cheats

NHL 2 on 2 Open Ice Challange

Hidden Players:

Ted Barber: BAR, Dec 5.
Heather Beach: HAB, Mar 24.
Steve Beran: SAB, Aug 29.
Chris Bobrowski: ME_, May 12.
Ed Boon: EJB, Feb 22.
Matt Booty: MVB, Apr 18.
John Carlton: JMC, Aug 5.
Jay Cohen: JNC, June 4.
Matt Cooney: MJC, June 6.
Xion Cooper: XC_, Aug 9.
Steve Correll: RSC, Sept 16.
Pat Cox: PGC, Apr 11.
Bill Dabelstein: DOZ, Dec 31.
Kevin Dale: J_R, Sept 15.
Matt Davis: MJD, Aug 19.
Warren Davis: WBD, Aug 17.
Sal Divita: SAL, Feb 2.
Paul Dussault: PGD, Dec 17.
Brian Eddie: BRE, Apr 20.
Nik Ehrlich: NIK, Nov 17.
Joan Faux: JBF, July 17.
Bridgitte Fedesna: BMF, May 9.
Jennifer Fedesna: JKF, Feb 25.
Eddie Ferrier: EF_, June 10.
Pat Foley: PJF, Dec 23.
Ray Gay: RMG, Aug 11.
Eugene Geer: OEG, Nov 5.
Jim Gentile: JPG, Jan 23.
Tony Goskie: TWG, Dec 7.
Jim Greene: JDG, May 31.
Evil Haeger: JH_, July 13.
Jack Haeger: JEH, July 13.
Jack H. Haeger: HAH, Jan 6.
Jennifer Hedrick: JJH, May 3.
Jon Hey: JWH, Sept 20.
Gordie Howe: G_H, Mar 31.
Craig Janney: C_J, Sept 26.
Eugene Jarvis: EPJ, Jan 27.
Jeff Johnson: JBJ, Nov 4.
Ed Keenan: EJK, Apr 10.
Al Lasko: AL_, Aug 31.
Mark Loffredo: ML_, May 25.
John Lowes: JML, Nov 4.
Andy Lycke: AL_, Nov 23.
Mike Lynch: MJL, Feb 28.
Ray Macika: REM, Mar 26.
Luis Mangubot: LM_, Apr 18.
Martin Martinez: MAM, Aug 7.
Cary Mednick: CMM, July 2.
Tony Metke: ARM, July 19.
Dave Michicich: DLM, Aug 6.
John Newcomer: JRN, June 18.
Mike Ossian: OTT, Jan 11.
Sheridan Oursler: SNO, Jan 3.
Mark Penacho: MDP, Jan 13.
Carlos Pesina: CCP, Nov 15.
Jeff Peters: JTP, Dec 15.
Jim Rohn: JR_, May 22.
Maryann Rohn: MAC, July 7.
Rebecca Scott: RS_, Sept 27.
Ross Shaffer: FRS, Apr 13.
Glenn Shipp: GWS, June 11.
Jake Simpson: JMS, Feb 22.
Jason Skiles: JMS, July 29.
Kevin Stevens: KMS, Apr 15.
Sidney Strong: SID, Feb 12.
Dan Thompson: DJT, June 4.
Art Tianis: AJT, Oct 23.
Jim Tianis: DJT, Oct 20.
John Tobias: TOB, Aug 24.
Josh Tsui: CET, Nov 28.
Mark Turmell: MJT, Mar 22.
Mike Vinikour: MJT, Mar 22.
Mike Waldron: MJW, Jan 9.
Ken Williams: WKW, May 30.
Christa Woss: CLW, July 9.
Dave Zab: ZAB, May 28.
Zarley Zalapski: ZBZ, Arp 22.
FaceOff Power-Ups:
Unlimited turbo: Turbo, Shoot, Shoot, CW Top to Top.
Tournament: Right + Shoot + Pass + Turbo.
Super Goalies: Down, Down, Down, Down, Pass.
Disable Throws: Down + Turbo, Up + Shoot.Assistance off: 
CW Up to Up (repeat).
Team Select Codes:Jersey Color: Press Pass to select "Home" or 
Random Team Select: Press Up + Start in Top/Left Corner (Team 1). 
Game Screen Codes:Tiny Head: (Player) Turbo, Turbo, Up, Shoot, 
Shoot, Up.
Normal Head: (Player) Down + Shoot, Pass.
Big Head: (Player) Hold Pass & Turbo, Up.
Huge Head: (Player) Up + Shoot + Pass, Up (repeat three times). 
Tiny Head: (Goalie) Hold Shoot, Twirl CCW.
Normal Head: (Goalie) Shoot, Turbo, Pass.
Big Head: (Goalie) Pass, Pass, Turbo, Shoot, Pass.
Huge Head: (Goalie) Hold Pass, CCW Top to Top, CW Top to Top. 
Baby Size Teams: CCW from Bottom to Top, hold Turbo, CW from 
Top to Bottom.
Force Fat Head: CW Right to Left, CCW Left to Left.
Big Puck: Up, Up, Down, Down, Turbo.
Dark Rink: P + T, P, P + T, P, P + S, P, P + S, P, P + S, P, P + T, 
Disable Top Display: L + T, L, L + T, L, L + T, L, L + S, L, L + S, 
L, L + P, L, L + P, L, L + P, L.

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