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  Hints and Tips for: Ninja Saga 
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 Ninja Saga Cheats

Ninja Saga

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

Skill codes and easy to become jounin:
1.Open ninja saga and recruit 2 friends (you should know their equipped
  skills already so you can change it to skill91 which is the Amaterasu.
  The skills should be 2 digits only or it's difficult to change it with CE)
2.Go to Jounin exam part 4 or 5.
3.OPEN Cheat Engine 5.6.
4.For scan value, select Text, tick Case sensitive & Unicode, ASROM and scan
  the skill number that you want to change to skill91.
  example: If your friend has the skill "Water Bundle", you will scan for 
  "skill89"If you are unsure, just check the list at the end of this post 
  for the skill and the skill number represented.
5.Remember to click SCAN only during your friend's characters turn, if you
  SCAN their skill before and after their turn, all their skills will be gone
6.Double click all the address found (There should only be 3-4 addresses).
7.Double click the value and change it all to skill91.
8.Go back to NS and select the skill that you have just changed 
  (example: water bundle) and you will see that Amaterasu is used.
9.Important: Now immediately change back all the skill91 back to the previous
  value. In this example, it's "skill89",
10.You need to change back to the actual value or all the skills will 
   DISAPPEAR and you cannot use it again.
11.When it's your friend's turn again, just change the value back to skill91
   and use it again.

-=How to see what skills your friend have?=-
Either wait till your friend's turn and you can see what skills he have, then
search the list below and scan it.. or use charles and visit him to see his 
equipped skills.

List of the skills (All 2 digits skills listed):
skill10 = fire ball
skill11 = fiery flame
skill12 = earth smash
skill13 = twister
skill14 = lightning strike
skill15 = lightning scater
skill16 = wind canon
skill17 = whirlwind spin
skill18 = fiery bird misile
skill19 = fire vortek
skill20 = fire spike wheel
skill21 = fiery bird strike
skill22 = water ball
skill23 = water dragon vortek
skill24 = refresh
skill25 = water shark missile
skill40 = Water Jet Cannon (lvl 7)
skill42 = Rapid Kick (lvl 2 )
skill43 = Dragon Fist (lvl 3)
skill44 = Earth Spike (lvl 6)
skill45 = Wind Gust (lvl 7)
skill46 = Wind Rush (lvl 8)
skill47 = Explosive Giant Kunai (lvl 8)
skill48 = Eart Erosion (lvl 7)
skill49 = Dual Lightning Strike (lvl 8)
skill50 = Earth Blast (lvl 8)
skill51 = Water Impale ( lvl 8)
skill52 = Rapid Kick (lvl 2)
skill53 = Pillar of Flame (lvl 9)
skill54 = Lightning Arrow Strike ( lvl 9)
skill55 = Earth Boulder (lvl 9)
skill56 = Twin Shark Missle (lvl 9)
skill57 = Feather Illusion (lvl 9)
skill58 = Refresh Rank 2 (lvl 5)
skill59 = Golem Protection (lvl 10)
skill60 = Water Renewal (lvl 10)
skill61 = Swift Kick (lvl 11)
skill62 = Cannonball Strike (lvl 9)
skill63 = Earthen Fist (lvl 13)
skill64 = Water Shark Burst (lvl 13)
skill65 = Double Fire Arrow (lvl 13)
skill66 = lighting shock
skill67 = dager of wind
skill68 = head kick
skill70 = double fireball
skill71 = empowered laghting edge
skill72 = double earth smash
skill73 = double water brust
skill74 = wind strom
skill75 = fire whirl
skill76 = lighting rays
skill77 = earth rock bulder
skill78 = water spears
skill79 = multi fireball
skill80 = multi fire ball
skill81 = water sphere
skill82 = watercuter
skill83 = lighting spears
skill84 = refresh rank 3
skill85 = blade of wind
skill86 = helifire
skill87 = llghting flash
skill88 = earth absorpotion
skill89 = water bundle
skill90 = rapid upercut
skill92 = wind piercing strike
skill93 = raising fire first
skill94 = sccater strom
skill95 = earth first combo
skill96 = dual water edge
skill97 = wind edge chop
skill98 = percing fire dancer
skill99 = erten strike first

- spirit touch skill109
- assault kick skill108
- three combat rapid skill107
- water pressure canon skil106
- earth arm skill105
- lighting ball burst skill104
- explosive kunai formation skill103
- dual water cutter skill102
- dual water sphere skill101
- dual lighting spears skill100
- earthen strike first skill99
- piercing fire dance skill98
- wind edge chop skill97
- dual water edge skill96
- earth first combo skill95
- scatter storm skill94
- raising fire first skill93
- wind piercing strike skill92
- secret:amaterasu skill91
- rapid uppercut skill90
- water bundle (200 token) skill89
- lighting flash (200 token) skill87
- earth absorption (200 token) skill88
- hell fire (200 token) skill86
- blade of wind (200 token) skill85
- refresh(rank 3) skill84
- lighting spear skill83
- wind cutter skill82
- water sphere skill81
- earth spines skill80
- Water Renewal (200 token) skill60
- golem protection (200 token) skill59
- feather illusion (200 token) skill57
- evasion (200 token) skill39
- unkown (cant be used) skill37
- fire power (200 token) skill36
- lighting charge (200 token) skill35
- sexy girl transformation (100 token) skill4
- monkey transformation skill2

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news then wait for a few days then there we go you are now the fan of the week.

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