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  Hints and Tips for: Nintendogs 
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 Nintendogs Cheats


Free Money:
If you have a poka dot collar then put it on your dog take them to the park. Then 
when you get there hold the 'Y' button and the'R' Button then free money!

Gifts Galore:
When you go for a walk go over as many ? boxes as possible! When you get home only 
keep 1 of each toy except for food. e.g. if you have 2 tennis balls sell one in the
second hand store. Eventually you have a lot of toys. Also, make sure you practise 
at the gym, with your dog, and to enter agility contests because they give away the
most money! Plus don't shop in the pet supply shop buy stuff in the discount store,
sometimes you can get the things 1/2 price!

Get Puppies:
If you keep your Nintendo’s without resetting it. It might have puppys. This takes 9 
months or more to work. I've tried to fast forward time but it don't work.But it 
works cause my friends dogs had some and now she has ten. But she had to give one 
of her dogs away. 

Money Maker:
If you want to make alot of money besides contests, when you go for a walk,
rarer items will be farther aways from your house. If you stay by your house, 
you'll get bubble blowers and tissue boxes. But, if you go way away, you'll 
find hats and crowns, and I've even found 2 gold bars worth 2,000 dollars, 
carts, and helicopters. 

Awesome Tricks:
Tell your dog to beg, then quickly to spin. It should beg in circles! Also, 
Tell your dog to lie down and then to beg quickly. It should do a handstand! 
One more. Tell it to roll over to the right, then to the left. It should do 
it very quickly! You can teach them to do these cool tricks without all the 

Several funny things:
First of all if you make your dog lie down then pull its ear , it will hit 
you with its paw ! Make your dog sit down then pull its paw up, then it will 
bite! Plus the lower the dog is - the bigger the bite . Sometimes your dog 
will speak a bit of English . The word is ping . If you put music on and move 
the same way for some time - they will chase you then stop after that keep 
moving again . Your dog will shuffle around on the spot ! With your jumping 
rope make your dog play then go VERY fast , as a result your dogs fall down 
or get whacked off the screen.

Submitted by: Jordan

On nintendogs you now how you can enter a compotetion 3 times a day. if your dog i 
reall good at the compotetions but missed some points turn your nintendo ds off fast 
and retry the compotetion. its so cool!! 
but if you have trouble or need help e-mail me at

Esay money or getting rare things:
Submitted by: jose

First put the clover clock on and make one of your dogs to wear a lucky coloretake
for a walk and increase your chances of getting RARE things also in disc competions
rub your dogs head and it is more likely to get 10 pionts but only in champ.and master.

Losing Competitions:
Submitted by: Lito

If You Fail the Competitions, You'll Be Dropped off the Class.

All items you can get:
Submitted by: Belinda

White Rubber Bone,Red Rubber Bone, Blue Rubber Bone,Bicolor Bone,Bark Ball,Rubber 
Mushroom,Soccer Ball,"?" Block,Dice Cushion,Terry Cloth Cube,Red,Blue, and Yellow 
Flying Disc,Blue Camo Disc,Khaki Camo Disc, Yellow Sponser Disc, Green Sponser Disc,
Pink Aerodisc, White Aerodisc, Shower Cap, Broken Clock,Life Ring,Dartboard,Pizza Disc,UFO.

Balloon, Bubble Blower, Pull Rope,Jump Rope, Windup Toy, Talking Bird, Mario Cart, 
Browser Cart, Peach cart, RC Helicopter, Combat Copter. 

Red Leather Collar,Black Leather Collar, Purple Leather Collar,Green Leather Collar, 
Pumpkin Leather Collar,Blue Leather Collar,Dot Collar, Camo Collar, Rainbow Collar,Denim 
Collar, Platinum Collar, Woven Collar,Lucky Collar,Flower Collar, Spiked Collar,Japanese 
Print Collar,Rhinestone Collar, Pearl Neckalace,Red Ribbon,Yellow Ribbon, Checked Ribbon, 
Striped ribbon, Red and Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon,Tricolor Ribbon, Purple Pearl Ribbon,Green 
Pearl Ribbon,Rose,Hibiscus Flower,Lily, Pair of Scholar Glasses, Business Glasses,Huge 
Glasses,Sport Glasses, Party Glasses,3-D Glasses, Star Glasses,Ten-Gallon hat,Yellow Cap, 
Red and Blue Cap,Beret,Straw Hat,Newsboy Hat,Red And Green Hat,Knit Hat,Pirate Hat, Tiara,
Crown,Rack of Deer antlers, Gradution Cap,Party Hat,Top Hat,Sombrero,Viking HAt,Santa's Hat,
New Year Tiara,Firemans Hat,Rainbow wig,Lion's Mane. 

CARE:Dog Biscuit,Jerky Treat,Water Bottle,Milk Carton,Dry Food,Natural Dog Food Bag, Short-Hair 
Shampoo, Long-Hair Shampoo,Rubber Brush,Wire Brush. 

MUSIC:Keyboard,"Dog's Theme" Box, "Mario's Theme" Box,"Puppy Waltz" Box,"Dictionary" Box, 
Street Marker, Growler,Smilin' Dog,Whiff of Friendship,Chow,Surprise Symphony,Naptime,Colonel 
Bogey,El Toreadeor,Waltz of the Flowers,Nintendogs,Between the Waves, Modest Decor, Shedded Fur. 

CLOCK: Modern Clock,Marine Clock, MArble Clock,Clover Clock,Silver Clock,Smart Clock,Cube Clock,
Wall Clock. 

ETC:Stick,Tissue Box,Dog Photo,Disposable Camera,Juice Bottle,Leather Shoe,Pump,High Heel, 
Black and White Boot,Lisa Doll,Stuffed Dog and Bear,moai Statue,Globe,Shuttle Model,Meteorite,
Weird Alien,Promise ring,GOLD BAR,Jack russell Book,Piggy Bank,Vase,Fine VAse, Very Fine Vase.

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