Noobs Room Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Noobs Room 
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 Noobs Room Cheats

Noobs Room

-From your view of the desk, zoom in on the waste paper bin and collect 
 the first key
-Zoom out and then zoom back in on the area behind the printer.
 Collect the scissors
-Move right twice and zoom in on the wardrobe. Use the scissors to cut 
 the suit bag and collect another key. Zoom out and then look on top of 
 the wardrobe for the third key
-Zoom out and move right twice. Zoom in on the area behind the TV and 
 pick up the glue
-Zoom out and zoom in on the middle shelf and use the three keys to open 
 the three boxes. Collect the three parts of the other key that are inside
-If you have the glue in the inventory then these will be automatically 
 stuck together
-Zoom in on the top shelf and use the new key to open the wooden box to 
 get a note
-Move right twice and look under the purple table. Collect the final key
-Move right twice more and use the final key on the door to escape. An 
 escape in less than 10 steps! Canít be bad!
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