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  Hints and Tips for: No One Lives Forever 
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 No One Lives Forever Cheats

No One Lives Forever

Cheat Codes:
Update by: bradley w

RAJEEVNAMBYAR, Submitted the following Information:

In game just press 'T' and then enter the following codes: 

Result                        Code 
fly mode                    - mpbirdy
All armor options           - mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkey
All weapon upgrades         - mpgoattech
All weapons and full ammo   - mpkingoftehmonstars or mpmimimi
All weapons, ammo and items - mpsanta  
Current mission completed   - mpmaphole  
Exit game                   - mpmiked 
Gore mode                   - mpexorbitantamounts  
Paintball mode              - mpflowerpower  
Restore armor               - mpwonderbra  
Restore health              - mpdrdentz  
Show game version           - mpbuild  
Spawn motorcycle            - mpracerboy  
Spawn snowmobile            - mprosebud  
Toggle God mode             - mpimyourfather  
Toggle position display     - mppos  
Toggle third person view    - mpasscam  
Unlimited ammunition        - mpwegotdeathstar  
Unknown                     - mphookmeup  
Unknown                     - mpcampos 
Toggle invisibility         - mpwhoami 
All maps                    - mpbeenthere
Temporarily invisible       - mpcam
Unknown                     - mpbreach 
Unknown                     - mptriggers  
Unknown                     - mpboyisuck  
Unknown                     - mppoly 
Unknown                     - mpfov 
Unknown                     - mplightadd  
Unknown                     - mplightscale  
Unknown                     - mpcamera 
Unknown                     - mpwmpos 
Unknown                     - mpwpos 
Unknown                     - mpteleport  

-=Note=- Submitted by: monkey
mpbirdy - enables fly mode only works in multiplayer

A Little Off:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

On the training part of "Harm's Promise" (before The Dive Sc1) there something 
kinda funny... after you get the belt buckle go underwater in the shallow part 
of the pool. Use the belt to fly up but before you get to the top of the tower 
click again to release it. You'll end up on top of the water and you walk 
around and stuff with out falling in as a long as you don't look down. 
But you MUST be underwater when you use the zip cord or it wont work.

Unexpected Turbulence: Hidden sequence: 
Wait until you have to grab the chute. Before the scene fades out, shoot
the man with the parachute. In the intermission sequence, you should see
the man fall through the barn, and then see Cate fall through it. You will
lose the level, but it is funny to watch.

Stop Spinning:
When you are playing and type in god mode or lots of guns e.c.t. sometimes
you might start to spin if this occures type in MPINGEMUSTDIE and you will
stop spinning and if that doesn't work type in anything with a m. (But the
code helps you beat Inge also.

Easter egg: 
Submitted by: Deepak

In misfortune in Morrocco, after you finish the first batch of assasins, 
come out of the room. there you see a man trying to open the door. come out
of the room and you will see two windows. get on the first one and it will 
fall down but nothing will happen. now come to the other side and jump on 
the small strip which you find on the wall. Jump on the window and you will
find a secret item. proceed further and open the door. the guy outside will
thank you!.(if you have got the belt buckle, you can as well hook yourself 
to the structure you find above the window and go up)

Tip 1:
In Alpine Intruge, you can use the snow mobile till you find the gondola 
station. it will be easy for you to travel till there.

Tip 2:
If you find it boring to kill people with your guns, you can use the snow
mobile and run over them!!!(saves ur ammo also!!).

Tip 3:
Do not use the super atomic laser gun. it is powerfull alright, but it also
vapourises the men with their guns without giving u their ammo. so use the 
ordinary laser which will not vapourise the guys.

* Even though they may seem redundant, the training missions will get you up
  to speed on using all your weapons and gadgets. 

* Be very careful when trying to complete a stealth mission; even brandishing
  your weapon can blow your cover. 

* Silencers and quiet weapons are very helpful. There's nothing worse than 
  making a racket and having to deal with an onslaught of enemies. 

* If your weapon has a scope, always use the zoom feature you will be able to
  take out targets with far more accuracy.

Flying motorcycles and snowmobiles:
Start a multi-player "H.A.R.M. vs. UNITY" game with motorcycles or snowmobiles.
Go behind a motorcycle or a snowmobile. Use your belt buckle zipcord on a target
to start moving up. Quickly use the motorcycle or snowmobile and you will board 
it, and fly. To go higher, ride over hills.

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