New York Race Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: New York Race 
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 New York Race Cheats

New York Race

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Janice Ow Soh Leng

Tap any of the following codes in as your name.

Name       Result 
NIKITA   - unlock bonus cars
BIGWOLF  - unlock beginner mode cars
OELITA   - unlock pro mode cars
POOLWOOL - unlock expert mode cars
YXINYEDO - unlock all tracks and skill levels
SHALEA   - infinite energy
NATIGRE  - Programmer message 

Secret passages:
There is one in every level (except track # 1 and 3) and they're all 
hidden behind advertising hoardings. So keep an eye out on the backdrops.

Secret passages:
1 - Shopping arcade:
Even though there's no secret passage, you can take the shortest route by 
driving along the rails in the shopping arcade and following them down into
the garage.

2 - The station:
Climb up to the left when you leave the station. The first building on the 
left has an "Orangina" hoarding on the top floor - drive through it.

3 - The aquarium:
No secret passage.

4 - The tanks:
Turn left after the start and you'll come into the first straight. When you 
draw level with the fifth building, and to the left of the second bonus, 
you'll see a giant "Seat" hoarding - drive through it.

5 - The Oriental park:
After the first outside stage (a lake with a red bridge), you'll come back 
into the town. You'll immediately come upon four red "Polo Jeans Ralph Lauren"
stripes - drive through them.

6 - The fun fair:
Take the first straight after the start. After a few metres, you'll see an 
"Orange" hoarding near the bottom of the buildings on the right (there's a 
spaceship in front of it) - drive through it.

7 - The sewers:
When you emerge from the first tunnel, you'll come into a large chamber before
diving down the second tunnel. You should go through the gate on the left 
instead of through the second tunnel.

8 - The astroport:
Go through the bend after the start and head down the first straight. Keep going
straight at about middle height. At the end of the straight, the road turns left.
Don't turn but drive instead through the large "Samsung" hoarding.

9 - The TV Station:
Around halfway through the level, you'll come to a large open-air courtyard 
(statues, etc.). Keep on into the town and drive as high up as possible. After
a few bends, you'll come to a long straight. This curves gently to the right 
in front of a huge purple "Paco Rabanne" window display - drive through it.

10 - The docks:
When you reach the second last bend before the finish, drive just above ground
level and keep going straight. Follow the rail. You'll see a gate underneath 
a "Stop" sign - drive through it.

11 - The autodrome:
Go through the green rings and take the bend to the right about halfway up. 
On the wall to the right, you'll see a huge hoarding in the shape of a "Festina"
watch face - drive through it.

12 - The rubbish dump:
Towards the end of the level, just after the green rings, you'll see a large 
hoarding showing a woman in a red slip. Drive through the green arrows.

Hidden Message:
As a profile name if you type NATIGRE you will have an old school star field & 
scroll text as well as some sound chip music. The scroll text is personal messages
from one of the programmers. 

Fun fact, on the disk you can find a Track13. This is the music of the easter egg. 
There was a bug in the easter egg as it was made on the PlayStation 2 version 
(after the European master, for the US master, but was never released) the easter
egg was working in 640x480. so in the first patch of the PC version the easter 
egg was also patched to match the game resolution.

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