Out from Room Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Out from Room 
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 Out from Room Cheats

Out from Room

1. Open the drawers on the chest of drawers to get the string and the 
   gold key
2. Look behind the drawer to get the scissors
3. Take the string and tie it to the top right hand corner of the blinds 
   by the window
4. Move into the other half of the room and use the scissors to cut the 
   string from teddy’s hat. Take the hat
5. Click the bottom corner of the bed to get a metal bar
6. Move back into the other half of the room, add the metal bar to the 
   string hanging from the string. Open the blinds and collect the light 
   bulb that falls down
7. Put teddy’s hat on the hook over the chest of drawers (see it isn’t a 
   hook and it isn’t hat, it’s a lamp!) Add the bulb and turn it on. Take 
   the pliers
8. Move back again to teddy’s side of the room. Use the pliers on the 
   right hand picture hook
9. Open the wall safe with the gold key and take the pin that is inside
10. Connect the snapped wire with the pin
11. Collect the red key that pops up from the toaster
12. Finally move to the other side of the room again and unlock the 
    door with the red key
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