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  Hints and Tips for: P.A.M.E.L.A. 
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 P.A.M.E.L.A. Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Pherex

This is an ADD shotgun blast of tips and tricks I learned while playing 
this wonderful game of dread and dying. These can make a life stretch 
much much longer.

* Be lucky. Do a good deed, brush your teeth, make your bed, donate to charity,
  do anything to nudge karma your way to help enemy spawns not be in your way 
  and for you to find good stuff.

* Be a ninja. The city is not your friend, the only friend you have is the 
  darkness. Embrace it and make it your ally. This means your flashlight is your 
  enemy. Every time you turn on your flashlight, you become a nightlight for 
  murderous bugs and you are no bug zapper.

* Be a ninja 2.0. Stick to short controlled movements, Widows have the hearing 
  of owls and can find you in the dark. Pump your genome points into quieter 
  footsteps and get the augment that lowers sprinting sound to the same as 
  walking sound. Get the item that makes you quieter. Avoid the armor that 
  makes you louder.

* Ark medical is your home. No where else in Eden exists where the access to 
  the main power, a power breaker, 3 different shopping stations, and a recycle
  station are within easy reach.

* Oasis just outside Arcadia is your farm and home. Find a corner near that 
  double door under some nice sunlight, and set up base. Farm your food, your
  money crops, your power for batteries.

* Come here my little squishy... You are the squishy... Embrace your squishyness. 
  Which means you don't fight groups, you don't start fights, you let the robots 
  do your dirty work. You are a squishy scavenger bird that flies away at the 
  first sign of danger. The sooner you embrace this, the longer you will live.

* You will be my squishy... Cable, Thermal paste, heat sinks, offensive modules 
  are the keys to upgraded gear. If you find it for free, all the better. But 
  there are two weapons that when fully upgraded will melt most enemies at a 
  long distance and keep enemies at a longer distance. Special variants of the
  surgical laser and the warden's fist. Both fit on you at the same time and 
  flow nicely if you ever need to single out an enemy.

* Roombas... those zippy little blue pucks are little gold mines. Lucky for you, 
  they go down stairs fine, but get stuck going up; So they get stuck in lower 
  areas. Stomp on them and claim amazing prizes. But don't forget to be aware 
  of your surroundings. These little robotic fireflies will not clean up the 
  mess you make when you chase one right into a split-jawed red armed roaring 
* I am the night? No... closest you can be... is a cat. Be the most active at 
  dawn and dusk. Sleep before the stalkers can show up, unless your oasis base
  is set up properly with a firing squad of turrets and appropriate equipment.

* I am Batman? No... closest you can be... is a bat. Use your resource ping 
  as sonar, enemies don't reflect back as the wave travels. If you have been
  a thrifty ninja veggie/fruit farmer, you can build and upgrade a sonar 
  attachment for your gear. Hear that roaring or heavy breathing? One quick 
  ping can show you if that was coming from above, below, around that corner, 
  or in the next room ahead.

* Make a noise, punch a wall, jump, kick a glowing blue roomba. Then sneak away 
  while everything comes wandering over to the spot you just made some noise at.
  With any luck, the seeker you did it near will make some new frenemies.

* Focus on improving one district at a time. Having a district not run out of 
  power is a blessing when you are about do deliver some fresh loot/veggies/
  fruits to get money to buy that last weapon upgrade for your laser.

* Afraid enemies will see you when you fully patched up a district and go full
  power? Don't forget this... you have way better eyesight than them and can 
  choose alternate routes.

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