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  Hints and Tips for: Paradish Pet Salon 
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 Paradish Pet Salon Cheats

Paradish Pet Salon

Getting Started:
When you first start to buy chairs for your shop, line them up on the right 
side of your desk for customers who are waiting for their pets first. You 
wonít really need chairs on the left side for a few rounds. This allows you 
to save some money in the beginning for the different stations you will need 
Watch the news item box after you complete a round. It will tell you what 
station you should buy next and alert you on days when customers will be 
demanding a certain station. Pay attention so you can buy the new station 
or upgrade an existing one. 

Moviní on up:
- As your shop grows, youíll gain popularity. Once your popularity (and your 
  income + savings) reach a certain level, youíll be able to upgrade to a new 
- Once you purchase a new shop, SELL everything from your first shop except 1 
  red and 1 blue station (you have to keep the shop running with something, 
  right?) Use the money to get your second shop running. NOTE: Customers will 
  leave if they want a service you donít have so be sure to buy all the stations 

Combos and Bonus points:
Every time you successfully place the proper pet in the proper station, the combo 
meter rises. When it reaches the top, you will earn bonus points
SPECIAL NOTE: Having another shop adds a 50% bonus to the money you make. 
Two shops increase the bonus by %100. Three shops; %150 and so on. 

Yay! Puppies and Kitties!:
As you play, you will develop your own method to get your clients through your 
shop quickly. The following are just things to keep in mind.

- You can only have two dogs with you at one time. However, you can swap out with 
  a third one already in a station and waiting to come out. Just make sure you have
  a pet with you that has to go into the station you are trying to swap out. 
- If you swap out or place a pet into a station where he does not need to go, you 
  will affect both the petís AND the customerís. 
- At the same time, rewarding a pet with a treat or a drink of water will also have
  a positive effect on the petís owner as well as the pet. 
- When pets begin to get restless, they will start to meow or bark. It can get hard 
  to discern who is basking or meowing at times. 
- Donít Panic! If your shop is decorated nicely, you will have plenty of time to   
  get a pet through an entire cycle before it grows too restless and leaves without 
- Once you get every pet into a station and every owner is on the waiting room side 
  of the shop, you can slow down and try to maximize each petís heart meter in order 
  to get bigger tips. 
- Take each pet to the treat and water station between services to raise their meters.
- You can take as long as you want. As long as each pet is happy, each owner is happy.

Easy money:
Play the whole day and when u finish with the last pet just press exit, the money 
will be saved but u stay at the same easier level.

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