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  Hints and Tips for: Pathway 
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 Pathway Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks):
Written by Neyreyan

New player guide and tips on how start your adventure, from noob to Indiana Jones :)

* The difficulty means the difference between 1 or 2 shots so easy will be too easy, 
  also more fuel will make the game a little simple.
* Choosing the 2 team members is very important, you should pick different characters.
* They have different movement speed, armor, gun and skills so don't expect 2 similar 
  characters to do better or close combat specialist to do good at range.
* Before starting the adventure read how to unlock the other characters.
* Don't be afraid to die and try the adventure with another team, 1 team can save 
  up money and the other team can actually level up and finish the job.
* You keep all items that are in your jeep and on your characters so to die is 
  just to not use the team for 1 adventure.
* Keep money for next run or buy everything you can.
* Avoid buying expensive stuff, mostly buy fuel, healing/armor.
* It's hard to judge what fights are harder but sometimes it's better to wait for 
  an oasis rather than use items to heal/get armor back.
* You can return to shops but you will use fuel.
* Sometimes it's better to use your bravery points in the beginning so you don't 
  risk a lot.
* Ammo is not such a big problem.
* Fuel is a big problem.
* For me, the best success i had with the sniper and omar (the one with the rare
  pistol) since i would set up ambushes and people who got through got double tapped 
  by the guy with the rare pistol.
* Check what items each character can use and what skill(heal, armor kit etc),  
  sometimes it's better to use more money for a strong character than to waste money 
  on a weaker one.
* Be patient, some fights and events are put there to slow you down and make mistakes.
* So far....combat seems better than skils / encounter skills since you do a lot more 
  combat than special events so....focus mainly on combat.
* Daggers/melee can kill dogs in 1 hit even on hard so move your team around so you 
  get the most damage out of it. Throw grenades when you see the enemies bunched up 
  but they can be pure gold near the end.
* Full cover is always the best option, find Cover somewhere where the enemy can't 
  reach you so you don't get shot or flanked.

* Guns: Pistols have the double shot and do good damage, very good when you flak, 
  seem over powered if you don't face a lot of enemies.
* Shotguns: Very good, very limited, you either flank with them or run away and wait.
* Assault rifles: Have a special attack that attacks in a line, you can switch line 
  direction but in general it's useless.
* Sniper rifles: Very good at range, almost garbage at closer range but you can setup 
  nice things with them.
* Melee: Only good for specific builds when you know what you are doing.

* VIT: Very important if you want to survive, even good for snipers because taking 1 
  more hit is better than having a chance to avoid a hit, healing is not so hard to do.
* WILL: Depends on the character and what abilities they have, i don't recommend it 
  since sometimes it's a bad choice or you don't have the bravery points needed. 
  They don't reset after each combat.
* DEX: Accuracy...Very important, depending on weapon, mostly good for long/medium 
  range characters. IF you have a flanking character that get close not so important.
* AGI: Not so important as long as it's not 1...if it's 1 AGI you should upgrade it 
  or you will have big problems going to safety or efficient flanking. Remember that 
  it can also be used for long flanks where you are in cover and they enemy can't fire/
  reach you. need to avoid dogs but planning your moves is better.
* INT: How fast they level up, not so important because INT characters tend to be weak 
  anyway, will be better to unlock other characters.
* RFX: You don't want to get hit either way so it's better to avoid the risk of taking 
  damage, i think HP is better.

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