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 People's General Cheats

People's General

You Can use this Cheat for all Campaigns and Scenarios. In the 1st Campaign 
save the game before doing anything else. Exit the game completly.  
Using a Hex Editor (like Ultra Edit-32) open your saved game and scroll down 
to file 00002e70h. It should look like this beside it: 
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0D 00 08 02 DE 00 00 00. 

The #'s 08 02 equal 520 prestige points. Change 08 02 to FA 99 to get 39418 
prestige points. You can change it to more or less prestige points but 
I use FA 99 for a start.          


Tip 1: 
Never run units, especially infantry, far ahead of the main group. The computer 
player is very skilled at surrounding and destroying isolated units. 

Tip 2:
Resist the urge to use the replacement button to repair units during battles 
unless you absolutely have to, as this will reduce valuable experience. If you
can, retreat a badly damaged, high-experience unit to the rear to wait out the
end of the battle.
Tip 3:
The Chinese tank destroyer units can be deadly even to the best Allied armor. Use 
the stealth tank's range advantage to pound them from the safety of three hexes' 

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