Perfect Balance Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Perfect Balance 
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 Perfect Balance Cheats

Perfect Balance

Level 2:
Submitted by: RM

1. Balance the square in the middle.
2. Balance the long stick on top of the square.
   (make sure it's in the exact middle)
3. Put the 2 circles next to each other on the stick.
   (somewhat quickly, or they'll roll off)
4. Put the square in the dent between the circles. If 
   you did it right, the square should stop the circles 
   from rolling off.

Level 29 - Triangles:
First one, long side against bar. Rest stack one by one on top in
a tall column. You have to be very careful on each placement as 
otherwise they all slide, but I guess you have found that out already.

Level 34:
* long bar horizontally 
* L shaped piece ~1/2 way between the left end and the middle of the 
  long bar; long side of the L down 
* big ball in the middle of the long bar
* next step needs to be kind of quick
* plus in the X orientation ~1/2 way between the right end and the 
  middle of the long bar
* ball nestled in the L 
* ball resting on the middle ball and the X
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