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  Hints and Tips for: Pizza Game 
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 Pizza Game Cheats

Pizza Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to get ALL Roobit Paths:
Written by Kiane

Here are all 3 Endings for the Roobit Path ??

Roobit Ending One
Day One Choices
I am a spy, I come from 8 generation of spy
something non-threat
politely decline
set the paper on fire
hand him a three dollar tip
Day Two Choices

Of CrousE!
order a pizza from him! btw if u shoot him after you get game end
i dunno whatever star is fine, for total certainty, star 5
Day Three Choices

business card
gumball machine
tap dance (tippity tappity this is the best)
Look for rubbing alcohol
YES, for chemistry achievement the missing element is Antimony
Waking up neighbor with shoe
Day Four Choices

For the investigations, you just have to get a few right, but for a clear path:
Keen, about the victim
Baron Von Boo, having to pee
Arim, about his order
Continuing on, Roobit should be back in pizza place
he was kill outside dumpster
Mr. Naes
you’re from space
MASH Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day Five Choices
Roobit Ending Two and Three
Congratulation! If you have done roobit end one, you can get the rest easily!
For roobit end 2 and 3, all you have to do is change your one choice on day 5.
For Ending 2, Choose, I Miss You
For Ending 3, Choose, I never paid you back!

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