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  Hints and Tips for: PokemonLake 
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 PokemonLake Cheats


Level Hints:
Submitted by: RM

A wild Missingno level 13 appeared The pokemon you selected is Ralts level 8. 
What will you do? Wild Missingno used Surf and did 24 damage. Ralts fainted. 
Note: It might take a while for the buttons to 'work' please do not press 
them many times. They do work! They might just need a few seconds!

Legendary Pokemon:
Submitted by: Musawir ahmed

To get a legendary pokemon in pokemon lake:1st defeat the all gym leaders and 
then go to maps and then find legends.

Submitted by: Musawir ahmed kehar

Defeat all gym leader's and elite 4...then defeat the owner of pokemonlake. Then go 
to maps and u will be able to catch the legends.

Submitted by: ultra

Hello i wants tell a new cheat to get in map 6 first go map 1 than click n map 6 you 
will see many legends.

Submitted by: shadowlugia2105

This is the quicker were to find legendarys without the badges go to the 6th map i 
found groundon, manaphy, heatran,p hionne, uxie, mesprit, deoxys and its easy to 
catch them. you sincerly Shadowlugia2105.

Pokemon level up:
This is how to level up your pokemon easy style. It is easy to beat normal
with all types so i won't mention it.

If you have grass type vs water type.
If you have water type vs rock and fire type.
If you have rock type vs electric type.
If you have electric type vs water and flying type.
If you have ghost type vs rock type.
If you have flying type vs rock type.
If you have fire type vs electric and grass type.
If you have dark type vs physic type.
If you have physic type vs rock type.
If you have normal type vs water type.
If you have dragon type vs any type.

The Advantages of pokemon:
Submitted by: benjoy3

Water type pokemon is good for     - Fire ground rock type pokemons
Fire type pokemon is good for      - Ice Grass Electric bug pokemons
Rock type pokemon is good for      - Fire and Electric pokemons
Ground type pokemon is good for    - Electric And rock type pokemons
Grass type pokemon is good for     - Water, rock and ground type pokemons
Psychic type pokemon is good for   - Grass type and Dark type pokemons
Dark type is good for              - poison
Electric type is good for          - Water pokemon
Poison type is good for            - Grass type pokemons
Bug type pokemons is good for      - Grass type pokemons
Ice type pokemons are good for     - dragon Grass bug pokemons
Dragon type pokemons are good for  - Dragon type pokemons
Steel type pokemons are good for   - Rock ground type pokemons
Fighting type pokemons is good for - Rock type pokemons
Ghost type and Psychic type        - pokemon

Submitted  by: benjoy3

ON ember cave you can find= Ho-oh Groudon And heatran.
On route 1001 you can find=dialga palkia giratina rayquaza suicune entei rakou
On Route 1002 you can find= mewtwo mew jirachi And Deoxys and Regigigas
On lakeshore village you can find= arceus cresselia and shaymin
On Lakeshore pokemon research lab you can find= Latios Latias Deoxys Jirachi and Zapdos
ON route 1003 you can find= Regice Regirock Registeel
On sea route you can find= Lugia kyogre mesprit azelf
On snowflake village you can find= Articuno and plasma articuno
The others I did not type!

Submitted by: Recker

The easy way to catch mewtwo or mew is First go on Lakshorevillage.find a pokemon there.
It can be any pokemon. Catch it then go to rout 1002. Go on the area where the middle of 
a lake is. It works! ,I even tryed it, after attaking 2 pokemon i found mewtwo level 80 
and my level 86.

Catch many legends:
Submitted by: Minh X

Go to route 1001 and catch at least one of the following:ghost dialga,shiny or normal
entei, giratina,or rotom.Then go to Lakeshore Village and you chance of finding legends
are 70%.

Gym leader:
Submitted by: xavier

Here you can battle with a variety of strong trainers called the gym leaders. 
Be sure to be well prepared, because they won't show any mercy!

You have 53 badges
Brock(Beaten: yes) Misty(Beaten: yes) Surge(Beaten: yes) Erika(Beaten: yes)
Koga(Beaten: yes) Blaine(Beaten: yes) Sabrina(Beaten: yes)
Giovanni(Beaten: yes)
Lorelei(Beaten: yes) Bruno(Beaten: yes)
Agatha(Beaten: yes) Lance(Beaten: yes)
Falkner(Beaten: yes)
Bugzy(Beaten: yes) Whitney(Beaten: yes) Morty(Beaten: yes)
Jasmine(Beaten: yes) Pryce(Beaten: yes) Clair(Beaten: yes)
Chuck(Beaten: yes)
Gary(Beaten: yes) Ash(Beaten: yes)
Will(Beaten: yes) Karen(Beaten: yes)
Roxanne(Beaten: yes)
Brawly(Beaten: yes) Wattson(Beaten: yes) Flannery(Beaten: yes)
Winona(Beaten: yes) Tate_and_Liza(Beaten: yes) Juan(Beaten: yes)
Norman(Beaten: yes)
Roark(Beaten: yes) Gardenia(Beaten: yes)
Maylene(Beaten: yes) Wake(Beaten: yes)
Fantina(Beaten: yes)
Byron(Beaten: yes) Candice(Beaten: yes) Volkner(Beaten: yes)
Sidney(Beaten: yes) Phoebe(Beaten: yes) Glacia(Beaten: yes)
Drake(Beaten: yes)
Aaron(Beaten: yes) Bertha(Beaten: yes)
Flint(Beaten: yes) Lucian(Beaten: yes)
errietta(Beaten: yes)

Frontier Brains:
Tucker(Beaten: yes) Lucy(Beaten: yes) Greta(Beaten: yes)
Noland(Beaten: yes) Spencer(Beaten: nope) Brandon(Beaten: nope)
Anabel(Beaten: nope)

Easy and hard way to Level up:
Go to the gyms battle the Gym Leaders such as Bugsy, Brock, Falkner, Roxanne, Roark, 
Misty if the Pokemon is weak. If they are strong battle the Gym Leaders with a lot of
Pokemon but your Pokemon can defeat definetly. If it is really high battle an Elite 4
or Frontier Brain.

Unlockable poken Mixtures:
Submitted by: FAMILY4

After defeating all gym leaders, Elite Four, and Frontier Bains (a total of 56 badges) 
and taking care of 10 pokemon in the center go to Secret Area and Pokemon mixtures will 
be there.

Submitted by: Pogie4

Kill All Gym Leaders, Elite4 and Frointer Brains.
And Go To The Secret Cave And You Will Saw ARCEUS The Ultimate Legendary Pokemon....

Secret get a lot of money:
Go to battle click on users wrote somthing with 1 letter click on submit en select 1 
of your pokemon and you wil get without battle money.

Battle Glitch:
Submitted by: Leizle

Battle someone and make his/her pokemon faint. Wait for the click here sign to appear. 
Then quickly press the click here sign the click attack. Then attack the foe until the 
foe's HP is NAN. The foe will atack you then your HP will become NAN also.

Nan Glitch:
This is a glitch that will make both you and your foe's opponet's HP NAN.
If you want to know how to do it here are the steps:
1.Beat the opponent's foe.
2.Once you beat it, it will say click here to continue. But don't click it. 
  Instead, attack the foe again. The foe's HP will become NaN
3.The foe will attack again. Then, it wil surely beat your pokemon. Then, you're 
  pokemon's HP will become NaN too.

How to catch legendaries/high level pokemon:
Submitted by: anonymous

There are specific locations on each map. These locations usually hide high level, 
shiny or even legendary pokemon. Here is the list of these locations:
Map 1: the doorway on top.
Map 2:the very left side of the vertical road.
Map 3:The diamond on top of the rock.
Map 4:On the helipad next to the Research Lab.
Map 5:The red carpet on the doorstep.
Map 6:The very top of the brownish-yellow patch of land.(For the Regis, go there 
      at night.)
Map 7:The six patches of non snowy grass and the area between the houses in front 
      of the tree.
Map 8:The muddy patch of farmland.
Map 9:The water with the island in the middle.
Map 10:The cave at the top left corner of the map.
Map 11:The bottom strip of dark water.
Map 12:The fountain in the middle of the crescent of trees.

Quick Money:
Submitted by: Armored Mewtwo

First, have a Pokemon that is Level 127, has about 400 HP, and knows the move
Explosion. (For example, a Giratina.) Then, go to the Gym and battle Glacia. Try 
to use the Pokemon with the requirements above ONLY. Finnaly, keep reapeating it.
You will have tons of money when you are done.

Easy EXP:
Go battle in the gym, kill a pokemon that gives good exp fx: a lvl 100, when u killed
it, DON't! click: "click HERE to go back" instead switch your pokemon and hit the 
opponent again, doesn't matter what u hit, then u get the exp again.. 
you can just continue like that.. without leaving the battle.

Pick a high level pokemon:
Submitted by: lilliane619

Go to maps then battle a pokemon(for example an Oddish) choose a high level pokemon
(for example you pick a charizard level 100) the result will be a high level pokemon, 
if the pokemon results a low level, pick another and it will show you a result.

Plasmas,Nan glitch,and more Exp.:
Submitted by: Charmander

1.Plasmas:Walk around for a while,and then you can find the following plasmas in this 
  amout of time:
1.Plasma Turtwig,45 min.
2.Plasma Charmander,1 hr.
3.Plasma Mudkip,1 hr and 30 min. 
4.Plasma Squirtle,2 hr.
5.Plasma Bulbasaur,2 hr and 10 min.
6.Plasma Eevee,2 hr and 50 min.
7.Plasma Magikarp,3 hr.
8.Plasma Clefairy,Capture a Shiny Ekans and evolve and then 3 hr and 45 min.
9.Plasma Cindaquil,4 hr.
10.Plasma Legends,kill all gym leaders and 5 hr.

2.Nan Glitch.
1.Attack foe untill it is dead.
2.Do NOT click "Click here to go back"
3.Attack foe again.
4.Foe's HP becomes Nan,and yours becomes Nan,too.

3.More Exp.
1.Find somebody with a lvl 100-127.
2.Kill it.
3.Switch Pokemon.
4.Attack again and then get XP again.
5.Keep doing this until you loose the battle:D.
And those are my cheats.
I will be posting more soon!

Legendary and high level Pokemon locations:
There are specific locations on each map where special Pokemon can be found. 
These locations usually hide high level, shiny, and legendary Pokemon. 

Map 1: the doorway on top. 
Map 2: The very left side of the vertical road. 
Map 3: The diamond on top of the rock. 
Map 4: On the helipad next to the Research Lab. 
Map 5: The red carpet on the doorstep. 
Map 6: The very top of the brownish-yellow patch of land. 
       Go there at night for the Regis. 
Map 7: The six patches of non snowy grass and the area between the houses 
       in front of the tree. 
Map 8: The muddy patch of farmland. 
Map 9: The water with the island in the middle. 
Map 10: The cave at the top left corner of the map. 
Map 11: The bottom strip of dark water. 
Map 12: The fountain in the middle of the crescent of trees. 

Easy money:
Have a Pokemon (for example, Giratina) that is level 127, has about 400 HP, 
and knows the Explosion move. Go to the Gym and battle Glacia. Keep repeating
the battle to receive large amounts of money.

How to find misingo:
Submitted by: blaziken5000

when you go onto a map find the preivious and foward arrows and that bar and take 
away all of it untill you reach the this sign = and then put this after it 0 and 
press enter move around on that map. all of the pokemon are just misingo. go out 
and have fun.

How to get the pokemon you want:
Point the mouse at Maps then you will see >pokemon click it the click pokedex 
and its done,the only thing left is search for the pokemon you want.

Tip On Defeating Champion Errietta:
If you are struggling with Champion Errietta or want to defeat her quickly,
here are some helpful tips;

* Have a team of lvl 90-100 Pokemon
* Make them have these types of moves:

Fire-type (V-Generate is awesome)
Dragon or Ice-type (preferably Roar Of Time or Haze)
Thunder-type or Water-type (I use Thunderwave or preferably, you can use Thunder or Surf)
Beating Errietta will get you $50,000 in PokemonLake money.

Easy XP for low leveled pokemon!:
Submitted by: wolfboy2992

Enter a Gym Leader battle with a high level pokemon and the pokemon you want to get XP for. 
Use your high level pokemon to get your enemy's pokemon to really low health. Then, 
switch to your the pokemon you want to get more XP for. Use the most powerful move your 
low leveled pokemon has. If you don't know which move is the most powerful, just pick one. 
You will get a lot of XP because it thinks you beat the pokemon with the low leveled pokemon.


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