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  Hints and Tips for: Pokemon Moon RPG 
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 Pokemon Moon RPG Cheats

Pokemon Moon RPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Rekx

Easy Battles lv.100 and higher quick:
Battle a pokemon that is 20lv's or higher than your that you are strong against,
fight it over and over it will do less damage than you. For some reason even if 
you fight your own pokemon their attacks ALWAYS do less when they attack you, so
if you use Fissure and do 517 damage, they use it and do 100-37 dmg!

Hints Easy Win:
Just go to pokemon rankin and look for a pokemon that you have an advantage against.
look for a pokemon atleast 15 levels higher than your first pokemon and battle it.

Quick leveling:
Go to your profile then just battle the first pokemon! Your first pokemon vs
your first pokemon!

Buy Any Pokemon:
First of all, This only works on the upgrades or patches. Go to the Buy Pokemon
shop and put your mouse over the [Buy] Button and put it off of it. it will say
you can buy this pokemon! (Only works if you have less DCs than the Pokemon. 
P.S. When you try to buy it, it will say you have Insignificant DCs.

Easy lvl ups:
First, put the pokemon you are training in the first slot.

1.If your pokemon has lower than 150 hp, go to the "Battle A Trainer" Section.
  Type in ur ID and fight ur Pokemon.
2.Once u get over 150hp, go to the pokemon rankings. Search for a pokemon you
  have go advantage on that is 15 lvs stronger than u r. Fight it over and 
  over until u reach 400hp.
3.After reaching 400hp, fight that same pokemon, except 25 lvs stronger than u r.
4.After 900hp or lv100 and evolution (if any), fight the same pokemon twice ur lv.
5.After 1500hp or lv250, fight that same pokemon 100lvs stronger than u until u 
  reach that pokemon lv.
6.After 2000hp or lv350, fight that same pokemon 150lvs stronger than u until u 
  reach that pokemon lv.
7.After reaching that pokemon's lv, add 200 lvs to ur pokemon's lv. Battle that
  same pokemon with that lv.

-=Challenge: If u r feeling tough, take these challenges=-
1.After lv 500,battle a player's full team. The team must have one Pokemon 
  stronger than ur strongest pokemon, one with a type disadvantage against
  ur first pokemon, and one with an advantage against ur first pokemon.-
2.Do the same challenge as challenge 1 with only ur strongest pokemon.-
3.Do challenge 1 with ur weakest pokemon.-
4.Do challenge 2+3. (Both Pokemon)-
5.Fight The strongest pokemon in TPM with five pokemon.-
6.Collect all the badges.*-
7.Bring only normal (non-colors) pokemon with you when u fight.-+
8.Bring only ur legendary pokemon.-+
9.Don't bring legendary pokemon with u.-+
10.Train all ur pokemon evenly.-
11.Never use items (besides pokeballs).*
12.Finish all legendary areas.*
13.Become the owner of the strongest pokemon (train, not hack).-

*= Challenges I'm taking.
-= Challenges that will help u train your pokemon.
+= Challenges that uses certain ttypes of pokemon.

Fast leveling!:
Submitted by: barneyrockz

Put the pokemon you want to level in your party. Go to your profile and click "battle
yourself?". Put the battles on very easy mode. Use struggle. Your pokemon will have 
a one hit KO and should gain anywhere from 2 to 7 levels (7 is the max). Use struggle
on the next pokemon. If the pokemon is much stronger it could take two or three hits.
Keep going, the battle won't end until you stop it. Click alter pokemon to switch 
the pokemon you are leveling. I was able to level a party of level 10 pokemon to 50s
in 4 min this way.

Leveling up easier:
Go to pokemon rankings and chose a pokemon that is at least 200 more levels than you. 
Make sure you have a advantage on it. There done (you can only level up 7 levels max 
exp may change sometimes well mostly).

Legend and Colour Starter Pokemon Rave:
Hey guys anyone of you wanted a legendary pokemon or a starter colour pokemon so 
desperately and could't find it then here is how to unlock it. 

Unlockable              How
Silver Dialga         - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Galactic Admin Mars.
Silver Palkia         - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Galactic Admin Jupiter.
Shadow Raikou         - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Galactic Admin Saturn.
Light Bulbasaur       - By fighting the trainer in the battle area called Trainer Garl.
Light Charmander      - By fighting the trainer in the battle area called Trainer Rick.
Shadow Orgin Girantia - By fighting the trainer in the battle area called Galactic Admin Bob.
Shadow Murkrow        - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Galactic Noob Liz.
Light Squirtile       - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Trainer Lally.
Shapphire Cyndaquill  - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Leader Rob.
Shadow Treecko        - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Trainer Garth.
Legacy Sucine         - By fighting the trainer in battle area called Galactic Admin Saturn.

How to level up fast:
It's so simple... Simply battle yourself:
1. Goto your profile page and goto you party.
2. Click battle on the pokemon your using.
3. Repeat battling and watch the xp mount 
   (Make sure your on easy differculty for maxium xp)
Note: Because your battling yourself everytime you battle you win and lose at the same time
but for some reason those losses are not recorded.

Fast level ups:
First, get your happiness points up to 333 or something close to that. After that, 
go to the move tutor and purchase the most powerful move of your Pokemon's type. After
that, go after a Pokemon with a double weakness to your Pokemon's type that is three 
times your Pokemon's level. Your levels will go up quickly.

Level up faster:
Submitted by: Extreme cheater

Go on pokemon rankings. Find a pokemon that is weak against your pokemon. 
The weak pokemon needs to be DOUBLE your pokemons level. Should get 20 or over.
Make sure your battle is on easy mode.

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