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  Hints and Tips for: Pokemon Simulator 
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 Pokemon Simulator Cheats

Pokemon Simulator

Submitted by:  saurabh yadav allahabad india

Use a notepad to open a save file of pokemon simulater and change the
numbers shown in the file ex0000000000 then chane the number into 
9999999999 and do this with all the no. exept lose one and mark true 
to all the false in the file. the no. are in a sequence as like the 
first no. shows your money and the last no. shows master ball.
last i want to say that i want to be a good friend so please consult me 
if you have any problem and be my freind @ or

Submitted by: Joao

Save the game and open the file with notepad scroll down after the many falses 
you'll find many many MANY zeros except for the first three(ex:you start, save 
and don't level your starter, for example, bulbasaur)the first three numbers will
be 1, 5 and 125, this is the number of the pkmn(old pokedex), the lvl and 
supose you want a 30 lvl sandslash, write 28, next line 30 and in the other any 
number. open the game and taa-daa, you have a lvl 5 bulbasaur and a lvl 30 

Submitted by: Brad

How to Get More Mews .To do this cheat You must have caught Mewtwo. Fight Mew 
then when they give you Mew go to seach for wild pokemon then don't type any 
thing in and push go and you will fight mew again then they will give you another

Submitted by: nothing

You must caught mewtwo for this cheat.after you open the file click fight a wild
pokemon and then just click go.then keep on throwing will have more
then 4000000000 balls.

Submitted by: raj

After catching Mewtwo catch some level 100 pokemons and enter the tournament and beat
the tournament,remember last pokemon that apperared in the tournament and in catch a
wild pokemon, type its name and defeat it,you will get a prize.

Submitted by: Nitish

When ever we win any tournament (just click go )(dont type any thing) and the Pokemon 
which is fought last,re-appears ,defeat him you will again win a prize,you can keep on 
doing this to get prize continuously.

Get as many master balls as you want:
Submitted by: gren

Save your file and open it as a HTML document.In the the space between the trues/falses 
there are some numbers.Change the third number from the top to how many master balls you 
want.Then save it and open it as the game and you have master balls!

Submitted by: chris

To get more master ball, random level pokemon or 30000 if you have 3 or more different 
types of pokemon at lvl 100 do the prime cup tornament and win the last pokemon you 
fight will be the one when you go to find a wild pokemon jst click go to fight it if 
you win you get one of the three prizes.

Submitted by: jiteshkumar

You can also change pokemon and attacks name by going to the notepad. u will find the 
names of attacks and pokemons. change them and save them.

Easy hack Pokemon Simulator:
Submitted by: Girlpower

Hello everybody,
I've got an easy hack for Pokemon Simulator.
With the hack you can change your name, money,
fights, wins, catches, losses/flees, win percentage, pokdex, all of your items and you 
can re-order your pokmon, level them up by just typing, and you can choose witch ones 
you want, you don't have to look for them by clicking
'search for a pokemon'.

Now you ask me, how do you do it?
I'll explain:
1. Start a game. Already used games can be used too.
2. Open your saved file by notebook.
3. Now you've got a huge list of numbers and letters. We start by the first column of 12 
   lines, with numbers in it. The first line is about how many trainers you've beaten. 24 is 
   the maximum.
   Line two is about your money. 3: wins 4: losses/flees. 5: fights 6: catches 7-12: your 
   items in order. You can change all of them whatever you want. :D
4. After the numbers you get 386 lines which say
   TRUE or FALSE. They mean which pokemon you've discovered and caught. If you turn every
   'FALSE' into 'TRUE' your pokdex knows all of them.
5. After the TRUE or FALSE lines you get numbers again. In the beginning they're all zero's, 
exept the first three lines. Each Pokmon you've caught has three lines in here. The first 
number tells which pokemon it is. A 1 is a Bulbasaur. A 87 is a Dewgong. You can choose a 
pokmon whatever you like. (the pokdex tells which number a pokemon has.) The second number is 
the pokmons level. Again, you can choose a number. (you can't fill in higher than 100.) The 
third line is the XP. (a level 100 pokemon has 1000000 XP.)

As you can see, you can change your game whatever you like. Enjoy, guys!
Greets from Laura from the Netherlands.

Submitted by: christian

start a new game or already made game and open it with note book and then
(1). select the numbers at the top of the screen and make all of them 1000
(2). optional cause it is realy long change all of the falses to trues and unlock all of
     the pokemon
(3). at the end of the falses and trues there are moor numbers start at the top and you see
     what number the pokemon is that you have then it shows the expiernce and under that is
     the level. each pokemon is sorted with three lines of numbers i recomend you make a 
     list of what number the pokemon are that you want in your team then put them in the 
     order you want and then give them each 100 expirence 100 as their level you'll see 
     and do not forget to type the number the pokemon is that is the most inportant and 
     always goes first.

Changing Pokemon into mewto and getting master balls:
Submitted by: ritwik saha

Start a new game. enter your name and chose charmender. then close it. go to that locatioon
where file is saved. right click on the pokemon simulater file and select open with. choose
notepad and click ok. You will see some "false" written. after that you will see 3 written 
between some 0's. change it into 999999. change all the zeros under 3 to 999999. After doing
this you will see a large number of 'false' below. scroll down till you don't get 4, 5 and 
125. change 4 into 150. Change 5 into 100 and change 125 into 1000. save the file and close
it. now start the file normally. You will get Mewto in your pokemon file. You will see more
pokeballs and other balls in the file. For any problem contact to

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