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  Hints and Tips for: Polcarstva 
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 Polcarstva Cheats


First scene:
Go right; click the largest person two times -(?) until the ? comes out. 
Move the ? slowly toward them or below the ground so they can pass. 
Go right. Yes it is possible to kill them, oops. Second time around I 
smashed on with the giant letter and they went up to heaven.

Second scene:
Wait for the guy to get in the cupboard. Go right, make them go up. They 
stack next to the cupboard. They go by and sort of close the door or look
in. You can click on the cupboard and let him out. Go right.

Third scene:
You can move the guy with the big nose; move him close enough to hit a few 
birdies with his badminton racquet toward the boy. Do so until the boy opens
the book and the big nosed guy falls in. The boy will open the book, follow 
him in.

Fourth scene:
Click on the fetus near the umbilical cord a couple times until the room below 
lights up. Go down to land on the bed then go to the stairs.

Fifth scene:
Go right until they will go no farther. Hover over or click on the door. Oh my 
what is that? Click the ceiling a little to the left above where they stand, 
click the diamond. Click on the door. It glows bright and scares the monster 
away, go through door.

Sixth scene:
Go left into womb entrance?

Seventh scene:
Click on the flower bud. Click on the womb, around her belly button. 
Climb down flower. Go right.

Eighth scene:
The little doors at the base of the stepped pyramid open and close the big doors 
at the top. Go right up to the doors, go right again. Can't get into heaven? 
Close the doors. Go right down the stairs.

Ninth scene:
Go right. Click the largest person -(?) He caught something. Click on big nosed 
guy. Click cloud so the boat comes out. Move cloud above people, the rope will 
come down, tell them to go up.

Last scene:
Go right into bus, bus goes through gates to?

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