Police Quest 4 - Daryl F. Gates Open Season Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Police Quest 4 - Daryl F. Gates Open Season 
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 Police Quest 4 - Daryl F. Gates Open Season Cheats

Police Quest 4 - Daryl F. Gates Open Season

Scene select:
Note: This cheat requires the Windows version of the game. Remove the 
game CD from the CD-ROM drive. Click on the Police Quest 4 icon. Click
on the "Cancel" option of the drive not ready error message. Repeat 
this at least more four times, and cancel each error message. When the
error message appears again, insert the game disc and repeatedly click
the "Retry" option. Select a location from the list of all game locations. 
Then, select a day from the list of days. Game play will begin at the 
select location and day. 

Extra points:
Do the following for points. You can either feed the dog in Griffith park 
pretzels, or shine light in his face with your broken car mirror to earn 
points. For example, feed him the pretzels, then go to the map screen. 
Go back to the park, then use the mirror on him. Use the tool you made 
with the mirror, glue, and drumstick to check under the bed in the 
"mysterious place". Record the trapdoor and the shoe in the "mysterious 
place" in your notebook. If you want, at the Parker center computer, you
can look up Wendy James and Erik (the guy listed under Walker's profile)
under hate crimes for some interesting information.

Shocking discovery:
After you get the skeleton key in the Third Eye theater, go to the bathroom. 
Unlock the paper towel dispenser with the key. Record the discovery and put 
it in a bag.

Game tells you not to cheat:
Try entering the license plate number "E2BSY669" in the computer before you
get that information.

Arcade mini-games:
The arcade machines in the Short Stop Bar can be played. Make sure the 
arcade machine is not being played by anyone. Place a couple of coins 
in the machine, then click on the machine with the hand icon to play the
rocket game or truck game.

Ken Williams's Desk:
While sitting at your desk view the desk on the left to get a message that 
it belongs to Ken Williams who moved to Seattle. Ken Williams was the co-
founder of Sierra On-Line and indeed moved to Seattle after opening their
HQ there.

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