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 Populous - The Beginning Cheats

Populous - The Beginning

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dj Simo 
Submitted by: wig

Hold Tab then press [F11] and type "byrne" and then it sould say cheat 
enable then hold. 

Key         Result
Tab + F1  - to get more mana
Tab + F2  - to get to get free spells 
Tab + F3  - to get all bildings
Tab + F4  - to get all spells
Tab + F5  - to get max mana

Moving Mountains:
* Terraforming is a great way to keep out enemies. If your base is 
surrounded by high mountains, you can usually seal of entrances by 
using land bridge between them. This also works for erode and water,
but is much more risky. If your base up on high land, itís much easier
to keep out invaders. 

* Itís a bit hard to do though when thereís lot of entrances to your
base, and just remember that they have land spells too, so you arenít
completely safe if you try and seal off all of your entrances.

Submitted by: Edwin

To make jour people crazy, do the cheat on. And select any people and 
click on d-key on your keybord.

Slow volcano:
It is possible to create a volcano where the lava flows out so slowly 
that it takes approximately three to five minutes to finish. First, 
enable the codes to get all spells and buildings. Make a balloon hut
and command a follower to build a balloon. Command the follower to 
train to a firewarrior and get back in the balloon with the Shaman. Go
to an enemy site that you want to destroy and use two different non-
lethal spells and quickly use the volcano spell. This should create 
a slow volcano, and your followers can walk on it. 
Note: The game may glitch when this trick is used.

Complete last level:
To conquer the last level, kill all the followers of every tribe and 
leave only one Shaman alive. Then, put all your followers together, 
then make a volcano to make sure they die. Next, kill the enemy Shaman.
The game states that you have won, but do not press [Space] yet. Wait 
until the volcano rises and kills your followers. The game now states 
that you have lost, but the level will be shown in blue on the map, 
and is marked as conquered. 

Easy kills:
First, unlock the cheats. Get your people to make a balloon and put 
your Shaman in it with a follower. Fly over to the enemy tribe and 
cast the spell that makes the land go down on any person or building
until it sinks or drowns.

Go to any planet:
Go to tutorial mode then type ptb6. Then, go to "New Game" and watch 
the ending sequence. You should now be able to see and go to all the 
planets in the solar system at any time.

More Shamans:
In multi-player mode, use Ghost Army on your Shaman. Your opponent will 
not be able tell which Shaman is the real one at first sight. One way 
to tell is that only your real Shaman uses spells.

On/Off Anything You Want!:
Submitted by: Michael Jackson

ok...after enabling 'byrne',press shift+o or tab+o.therre will be a list at the 
bottom right corner of the up or down to go through what you want or 
what you do not will have to press left or right(arrow keys)to turn the 
cheat on/off
the best things in it are
Human Shaman OmniPresence(God Mode/shaman is a god and can cast spells anywhere)
and Fog Of War!!!
Thank You, Michael Jackson

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