Postal 2 - Share the Pain Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Postal 2 - Share the Pain 
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 Postal 2 - Share the Pain Cheats

Postal 2 - Share the Pain

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press ~ or @ to activate the console window. Submit the code "sissy" to unlock cheat mode, 
then submit 1 of the codes below in the console window to enable a cheat code. 
Note: Cheats won't work when playing online.

Effect                                                  Code
All destructive weapons                               - packnheat
All Radar Related Items                               - swimwithfishes
All weapons, max ammo, & invincibility                - iamsolame
Body Armor                                            - blockmyass
Cats Bounce Off When Being Shot                       - boppincats
Change player to opposite morality                    - ChangeDude()
Disable cat shooting guns                             - dokkincats
Disable flight and ghost modes                        - walk
Disable Slow Motion Mode                              - slomo 1
Extra Catnip                                          - iamtheone
Extra Cats                                            - lotsapussy
Extra Dog Treats                                      - boyandhisdog
Extra Doughnuts                                       - piggytreats
Extra Health Pipes                                    - jones
Extra Money                                           - jewsforjesus
Fanatic NPC bystander pawns                           - osama
Full Health + 4 Medkits                               - healthful
Gary Coleman NPC bystander pawns                      - whatchutalkinbou
Gimp Suit                                             - smackdatass
God Mode                                              - alamode
Guns that use cat silencers now shoot cats            - rockincats
Lots of Dogs                                          - dogy
Map Select                                            - Goto(level name)
Police Uniform                                        - iamthelaw
Reset all errands, make hate groups not hate anymore  - SetAllErrandsUnComplete()
Reset police and wanted status                        - ResetCops()
Rocket Cameras                                        - fireinyourhole
Set all errands complete, turns on hate player groups - SetAllErrandsComplete()
Set all of indicated day's errands complete, turns on
hate player groups                                    - SetThisDaysErrandsComplete(day number)
Set all of today's errands as complete, turns on hate
player groups                                         - SetTodaysErrandsComplete()
Set errand complete, turns on hate player groups      - SetThisErrandComplete(errand name)
Set the day, all errands before that day completed    - SetDay(day number)
Set the day, reload level for that day                - WarpToDay(day number)
Slow Motion Mode                                      - slomo
Toggle all non-player triggered animations and 
actions to stop                                       - playersonly
Toggle flight mode                                    - likeabirdy
Toggle flight mode (2nd option)                       - fly
Toggle ghost mode                                     - ifeelfree

Multiply Items!
Ok, first get the item you want to duplicate, (Example: fast food or a health item like doughnuts)
I would reccomend having at least 6-10 of it. Now assign two keys to "Drop item". Now select the 
item in your inventory you want, and rapidly press both keys you assigned to drop the selected item.
or press both keys at the same time. You will see how many more items you made after you pick all 
the items up off the ground.
NOTE: This does not work with important errand related items such as steaks, Krotchy dolls, as 
well as money and other objects that when dropped come out in one whole piece and not individually.

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