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  Hints and Tips for: Power & Revolution 2019 Edition 
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 Power & Revolution 2019 Edition Cheats

Power & Revolution 2019 Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Revolution Tips:
Written by Daniacea

Get in cities as fast as possible at the beginning to avoid getting camps destroyed. 
Try to take a state/territory so that you can then build hidden camps. Build many 
camps to get free soldiers. Rob the banks and museums to get cash. 

Sent out single 1 person troops to take infrastructure. Don't risk units getting wiped 
out being out in the open. Be especially careful near enemy military bases. 

Have meetings to get funding, mercenaries and weapons. 

Next start buying tanks which you can then use to drop artillery on vehicles that come 
near the cities. Keep them in the cities to avoid missile strikes. 

Use the advanced controls(click the - next to the minimap to open) to have groups of 
men fire rockets simultaneously, which can be devastating and out-range the grenades. 

When troops you order arrive on the map, be sure to manage their route to keep it away 
from enemy forces so they don't get wiped out on their way. 

Tanks can be used to bombard enemy bases from a distance. Do a continuous bombardment 
until then are destroyed. 

It seems that when building camps, the number of extremists double after an amount 
of time. Keep moving them when discovered to keep them from getting bombed and then 
when they reach a large size say over 50, send them to a city to build up enough 
soldiers to take another city. Donít leave units out in open sitting, especially 
when not in a territory you control as they will get taken out by missiles or 

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