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  Hints and Tips for: Powerdrome 
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 Powerdrome Cheats


Submitted by: RM

All characters:
Do 30 laps, but on the thirtieth lap, turn around and keep going 
until you have done 20 laps backwards. Then, turn around again 
and finish the race.

Imperial Die Bak Complex Speed Challenge bonuses:
Get a Silver or better medal to unlock the Imperial Die Bak Silo 
Track or a Gold medal to unlock the Original Power Drome Gallery.

Khalids Midnight Run bonuses:
Win the race to unlock the Khalid Image Gallery and Khalid as 
a playable character. 

Gabriels Ship Yard Challenge bonuses: 
Win the race to unlock the Gabriel Vorsh Image Gallery and 
Gabriel Vorsh as a playable character. 

Mata Wai Invitational bonus:
Get a Silver medal to unlock the following bonuses. 
-Angul Image Gallery
-Mata Wai Plains R track 
-Get a Gold medal to unlock Angul as a playable character. 

Imperial Die Bak Eliminator bonus: 
Win the race to unlock the Track Furniture Concept Gallery. 

Empress Yei Memorial Trophy bonuses: 
Get a Gold medal to unlock the following bonuses. 
-Jinx Image Gallery
-Acer Naim Substructure Track
-Jinx Racer
-Acer Naim Image Gallery

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