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  Hints and Tips for: Praetorians 
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 Praetorians Cheats


Cheat Codes v1.4:
Upfate by: dennis va de sluijs
Update by: nick sanese
Submitted by: hoangha

Code          Result
nodie       - Immortal
more class  - 65k town people
more honey  - 255 hornor points
more men    - max unitcontrol:999999
moretroops  - max troopcontrol:999999
boring      - 999999 town people and 9999999 max unit 
              control and 9999999 troop control

Invulnerable troops:
When recruiting troops at a city hold and select window above it and
when the troops come out immediately release and press S to divide 
troops and the half is invulnerable and the other half is as normal. 

Level select: 
Use the following trick to unlock all the levels in the campaign mode.
Use a text editor to edit the "*.usr" file in the folder with the profile
and save game directories. The *.usr file contains information about the 
missions and other game options. You will find some lines like this: 


The first number is the difficulty of the stage, while the second one 
describes its completion. To unlock all the levels, edit the lines to 


How To Regroup:
This is for crossing the river if you do not know how regroup you have to
capture a village to capture a village you must go to a village and destroy
the building beside it and use the builders with the village and they should
build one of those buildings then you put catuairs rudeirous in the building
and it will have men chose one of them and after a while the man u chose 
should come out u cant build 5 or more of one army otherwise it will say 
training impossible.

Infinite HP with your troops!:
Note: Won't work on single troops! When your new recruited troop is almost
out of the village, highlight it with the highlight window, press S to divide
them. Half of your troop will be normal, but the other half, will have infinite

Increase people & troops:
Submitted by: Ramon

- heal the troops
- make troops faster

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