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  Hints and Tips for: Premier Manager 09 
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 Premier Manager 09 Cheats

Premier Manager 09

Submitted by: evil devil

I've found as a standard formation 4-4-3 normal play direct passing 
and man-to-man marking proves a good win ratio.

You will need to adapt your formation when playing against certain 
teams fortunately the game lets you see what the opposition will play 
before the game starts so you can do some last minute tweaking 
before kick off.

Ignore your coach during the match. Why? Because he will tend to 
advise you when winning to get men behind the ball to save the result 
but this rarely pays off. In my experience it invites pressure and 
you usually concede a goal. I know it seems risky when you're 
playing 4-2-4 1 or 2 up with plenty of time to go but I've found 
you're more likely to score another staying with what you have then 
you are to see the game out changing to defensive play. 

From experience of playing the game I have managed to work out the results
engine and compile a response to playing any cpu team tactics. From what I
can gather the results engine is based on quality of the team overall in
attack, midfield and defence. These areas are colour co-ordinated so it's
easy to tell when a team is better than another in these areas, the colours of
the game are Red= Bad, Yellow/Orange= Average, Blue= Good, Green= Excellent.

Now if your team is rated higher than your opponent in all areas by at least
one colour then you can generally play your normal standard formation against
that team (as I stated above 4-3-3 is a strong formation for the game). If
however, statistics wise your team and the cpu team are closely matched e.g.
Both you and the cpu are rated in the blue for defence, midfield and attack
then the results engine will look to the formations teams are playing and the
difference between a win and a loose will be determined by which side is
playing the stronger in relation to the other. Underneath I have compiled a
guide to which formation to play against which cpu selected formation.

Cpu Plays You Play 

4-4-2 Any style 
(Except a strong team playing Defensive style) 4-3-3 Normal

Strong team playing DF 4-4-2 4-2-4 Attacking

4-2-4 Defensive 3-5-2 Attacking

4-2-4 Normal 4-4-2 Diamond

4-5-1 Defensive 4-2-4 Attacking

4-5-1 Attacking 3-5-2 Attacking

5-4-1 Defensive/Attacking 4-2-4 Attacking

4-4-3 Any Style 4-5-1 Attacking

3-5-2 Any Style 4-4-2 Diamond

5-3-2 Attacking 4-2-4 Attacking

* Note always in your formations play man-to-man marking and direct passing.

Also there are alternative formations you can play to the ones listed above but
the ones listed are the strongest with the best rate of win success. From
what I can gather when the stats of the teams are relatively equal and the
result comes down to formation the game considers as follows; there is one
formation that is the best for a total victory, some formations rather cancel
each other out so the game could end in narrow win, draw or narrow defeat and
finally one formation is disastrous and will result in a huge defeat for your
team. For example the cpu plays 4-5-1 defensive the strongest formation
against this is 4-2-4 attacking and playing this should result in a win with a
definite score line (anything from 2-0 in your favour to 8-0 in your favour),
then there is others you can play against 4-5-1 defensive you could match the
formation 4-5-1 but play attacking against the cpu, this could still result in
a win for your team but a narrower victory (1-0 or 2-1 in your favour). As I
mentioned there is also a totally disastrous formation to play that will see
your team take a pounding for 4-5-1 a disaster would be to play something like
a 5-3-2 or a 4-4-2 normal (I will explain why I believe each of the formations
get beaten by others later). 

It is important to check before the game what formation the cpu will play (you
can find this out by viewing the club you are going to play in your next match
in the club tab in the main game manager hub menu and selecting the club
overview). Once you know the formation adjust your formation accordingly
setting up the strongest against this. Then when you get to the match start
screen it will state what style the cpu is going to be playing (Attacking,
Defensive, Diamond, Compact, Sweeper, Normal). You may need to use the
tactics to tweak your team before the match starts or you could chance going
with what you have and seeing how the match is going for you at half time and
deciding whether you need to change things. Also while the above table lists
the most successful formations against the cpu selected formation it is not
infallible, the result generator will sometimes throw a spanner in the works
by still giving your team a hard time sometimes against tougher opposition or
evenly matched opposition to respond to this you can use one of the
alternatives I spoke of earlier as a plan B. So plan B responses to cpu
formations when the 'strong' response isn't doing well are as follows;

Cpu Plays Alternative you can Play 

4-2-4 Defensive 4-2-4 Attacking

5-4-1 Defensive/Attacking 4-4-3 Normal

4-4-3 Any Style 4-4-3 Normal

3-5-2 Any Style 3-5-2 Attacking

4-2-4 Normal 4-3-3 Normal

5-3-2 Attacking 4-5-1 Attacking 

4.Formation explanation (Why one formation beats another)

It may perplex as to why the result engine favours certain formations against
another in certain situations so id though id explain the logic behind the
results (At least what I think the logic is)

Cpu plays 4-2-4 defensive you respond 3-5-2 attacking;

The strength in the 4-2-4 is in its ability to divide up the pitch in two and
its flexibility to been in possession and loosing possession. In its
defensive style the formation essentially has 4 defenders with 2 midfielders
sitting in front of the back line so ultimately there is a back wall of 6
players. With 4 in the advanced positions the formation has enough fire power
to cause an opponent problems when used by a decent team it can be a real
tough formation to combat.

Cpu team who use this formation often : Arsenal

3-5-2 against it,

The 5 in midfield swamp the play and dominate possession in the game, because
the cpu team can't gain possession they can't get the ball to their 4 forward
men and thus are isolated from the game and the fact its 4 against 3 becomes
irrelevant. With the lions share of possession and playing an attacking style
of play your team advances with up to 7 players in advanced positions against
a 4 man back line and 2 midfielders who are taken out of contention when the
ball in played to the wings. This results in a constant bombardment on the
cpu teams defence and inevitable goals.

Cpu plays 4-5-1 or 5-4-1 defensive you response 4-2-4 attacking; 

The strength of the 4-5-1 is its ability to gain control of the game through
its numbers in the middle and get men behind the ball to form a 9 man
defensive wall when out of possession. The 5-4-1 has similar strength but
with the focus on defence even more loosing a man in midfield and adding them
to the defence to create a tough wall to break down and get a goal.
4-2-4 against it,

Both the 4-5-1 and the 5-4-1 suffer the same problem when played defensively
against a attacking 4-2-4. The lone front man gets isolated from the game
without the wing and centre support you would get from an attacking 4-5-1. As
a result shots on target are virtually reduced to chance the team gets to
control possession and pick out the front man. But against the attacking
4-2-4 the 5-4-1 and 4-5-1 defensive is subjected to constant bombardment of
shots and balls into the box. The 4-2-4 attacking essentially leaves 2 centre
backs to watch the lone front man while both midfielders in the centre press
forward the rb + lb press forward becoming wing backs and the 4 man forward
line either press on into the box or play balls into the box. Results in a
mass of chances that your team should take most of. 

Cpu plays 4-3-3 any you respond 4-5-1 attacking;

The strength of the 4-3-3 is in its flexibility for the 3 midfielders to press
on and support the 3 front men creating a 6 man attack or in loosing
possession the 3 midfielders sitting in front of the back line creating a 7
man wall

4-5-1 against it,

The 4 man back line is able enough to withstand any attacks from the 3 front
men and the 3 midfielders get bullied out of the game by the 5 man midfield
who can boss possession. With the lions share of possession the 5 man
midfield has the opportunity to press forward using the wings to provide
supply to the striker in the box. Results in several decent opportunities for
your striker to finish and reduces cpu team's shots on goal to trace.

Cpu plays 4-5-1 attacking you respond 3-5-2 attacking; 

The 4-5-1 draws its strength in building from the back and in its attacking
style allows an outlet for the possession it can generate. Using the wide men
as wing forwards and raining balls into the box for the main striker and the
central midfielders joining the forward play.

3-5-2 against it,

It allows matching the 5 man midfield so your team has a chance of gaining some
possession and not allowing the opposition to boss the game. With some chance
of plays in an attacking style your midfield can operate in a similar way to
the 4-5-1 but with an extra striker. In a close match where two teams are
relatively equal or in a match where you are better than the opposition the
3-5-2 tips the balance in your favour enough to secure a lead and add to it. 
The operate well however it needs to be able to operate with 3 good solid
centre backs to hold the fort while the midfield and strikers search for the
goals. Although it is the correct response to the 4-5-1 attacking if it's
tried against a team that is considerably better in midfield and your own team
is weak at the back you can leak goals before you gain any. 

Cpu Plays 3-5-2 you respond 4-4-2 diamond;

The strength of the 3-5-2 is in its midfield and if allowed to can dictate the
game and not allow you a foot into the game to get any play to your front men.
With the midfielders joining the attack and isolating opponent's front men
from the 3 men back line it forces the opponent back camped in their own half.

4-4-2 diamond against it,

with the 2 wide men 2 strikers and a player operating as a link between the 2
strikers facilitating play to the wings and through the middle and the
rotation of the diamond that can have players changing from one position to
another played correctly it can cause problems for the 5 man midfield and
break down there plays. Defensively it can produce a 5 man wall and
theoretically always someone back protecting the back line no matter which
player chooses to advance forward. Results in a break up of the 3-5-2
allowing pressure on the frail and narrow 3 man back line which can be
crucified by wide play.

PC Walkthrough:
Submitted by: parimal joshi

How to earn more money in game?
Just select your club(preferable man utd as it gives 22.5 to yuor budget
which is less than many other but you have players like scholes, giggs, 
ven dar sar, neville which can be sold at higher rats,u just have to go 
to hub menu than go to manager than club an than squad list in club and 
than right click on player and select the option set value. If it is 
famous player even if u keep value upto 40 some one will buy them. Giggs
and scholes are above they will retire in 3 or 4 years. So its good
to sell them atvalue more than 30+.)or u can even select chelsea due to 
their high budgrt upto 40.

The another way is right click on chairmain and select option request money.
He will give u for 3 or 4 times. Then he will not give u any more money. You
still can try by selecting option that it would be much better to work under
millioner chairman or something simillar to that...than he will tell you to
take that statement back. You have to other wise you will be fired. And if u
agree to take statement back he will reward you with some more cash. But 
again it will be not more than 3 or 4 tomes. If you are lucky you will be 
rewarded every time by amount of either 4M or 4.4M,4.8M,5M or some time 
5.5mM and more.....

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