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  The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets on our page: Pressure 
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 Pressure Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheats for PC-Version Steam+Retail.
Open the "game.cfg" in the folder: "C:\Users\[Your_Username]\Documents\My Games\Pressure\" 
with an Noteditor an add the following line: "cheatsAllowed = 1"
During the Game open the Console with [^], then enter the Cheat and press [Enter].

Codes       Effect
god       - Health and ressure.
health    - Schaltet indestructibility.
pressure  - unlimited Pressure.
boost     - Unlimited unbegrenzten Boost.
gold      - Player receive max Gold (99999).
reset     - Reset.
buggyID   - New Buggy ID (reset Player)
gunID1    - Primary Weapon ID (resettet Player)
gunID2    - Secondary Weapon ID (resettet Player)
ramID1    - Primary Ram ID (resettet Player)
ramID2    - Secondary Ram ID (resettet Player)
level     - Next level.

Example: "gunID1 21" 1 Blastermaster Explosivo I

Hier sind die IDs:

-=Buggy ID=-
Buggy Lvl1 1
Buggy Lvl2 2
Buggy Lvl3 3
Buggy Lvl4 4
Buggy Lvl5 5
Buggy Lvl6 6
Buggy Lvl7 7
Buggy Lvl8 8

-=Rams ID=-
Grindermaster I 57
Grindermaster II 58
Grindermaster III 59
Lance-A-Lot I 54
Lance-A-Lot II 55
Lance-A-Lot III 56
Ram Nil 105
Ram-a-Dam I 48
Ram-a-Dam II 49
Ram-a-Dam III 50
Ramington Steel I 60
Ramington Steel II 61
Ramington Steel III 62
Spiked Death I 51
Spiked Death II 52
Spiked Death III 53

-=Primary Weapons ID=-
Blaster Explosivo I 21
Blaster Explosivo II 22
Blaster Explosivo III 23
Blastermaster I 18
Blastermaster II 19
Blastermaster III 20
Blastermaster tornado I 24
Blastermaster tornado II 25
Blastermaster tornado III 26
Bloomy Blunderbuss I 27
Bloomy Blunderbuss II 28
Bloomy Blunderbuss III 29
Bouncy Blunderbuss I 33
Bouncy Blunderbuss II 34
Bouncy Blunderbuss III 35
Flamethrower Lvl1 39
Flamethrower Lvl2 40
Flamethrower Lvl3 41
Quacking Railgun II 43
Quacking Railgun III 44
Quaking Railgun I 42
Spitting Eve I 12
Spitting Eve II 13
Spitting Eve III 14
Spitting Lizzie I 15
Spitting Lizzie II 16
Spitting Lizzie III 17
Spitting Mary I 9
Spitting Mary II 10
Spitting Mary III 11

-=Secondary Weapons ID=-
Automatic Repair Kit I 102
Automatic Repair Kit II 103
Automatic Repair Kit III 104
Blastwave I 75
Blastwave II 76
Blastwave III 77
Bone Crusher I 96
Bone Crusher II 97
Bone Crusher III 98
Drone launcher I 90
Drone launcher II 91
Drone launcher III 92
Homing Missiles I 93
Homing Missiles II 94
Homing Missiles III 95
Nuke I 81
Nuke II 82
Nuke III 83
Sticky bombs Lvl1 84
Sticky bombs Lvl2 85
Sticky bombs Lvl3 86
Super Repair Kit I 87
Super Repair Kit II 88
Super Repair Kit III 89
Tesla Gun I 63
Tesla Gun II 64
Tesla Gun III 65
The Magnetizer I 66
The Magnetizer II 67
The Magnetizer III 68

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement             How to unlock
Bad Pilot             - Fell off a bridge ten times.
Beginners' (Bad) Luck - First checkpoint not accessed.
Best Buds             - Played game in co-op mode.
Clean as a whistle    - Destroyed all enemies.
Click, Click, Boom    - Defeated 1000 enemies.
Die Hard              - Never Died.
Easy, now             - Played 'Easy' Mode.
Final Destination     - Defeated Wellness-Train.
Finished Laying Pipes - Defeated Mantis.
Geared up!            - Got best buggy upgrade.
Got Your Back         - Helped out a friend.
Gun Jammin'           - Passed on primary weapon.
King of the Sky       - Defeated an airship.
Like A Boss           - Got best rating in all levels.
MonsterKill           - Destroyed 8 enemies with one strike.
MultiKill             - Defeated 4 enemies with one strike.
My Precious           - Collected all coins.
Plan Balked           - Defeated Metal Count.
Pressure Is Low       - Barely finished with pressure.
Respectable           - Played the 'normal' way.
The Hard Way          - Played 'Absurd' Mode.
UltraKill             - Defeated 6 enemies with one strike .

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