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 Princess Maker 2 Cheats

Princess Maker 2

Select any location:
Use a text editor to edit the "pm2.cnf" file in the game directory. Add the
line "MOPI=1". Press [F10] at the icon during game play to select any city. 

Find secret item:
Use a text editor to edit the "pm2.cnf" file in the game directory. Add the
line "NOPI=1". Highlight the "Go To Market" icon and press [F10] during 
game play. 

Screen capture:
Use a text editor to edit the "pm2.cnf" file in the game directory. Add the
line "CAMERA=1". Press [F5] during game play to save the current screen to 
a file.

Mad Eddys and Beta Shop:
Head into the town area, and hold down F12+N+R+Q. Release them and cancel out
of that screen. When you go back, you'll be able to access Mad Eddy's and the
Beta Shop, which will give you free money, allow you to purchase rare/event 
items, and allow you to skip months or years.

Winning the Art Contest:
The easiest contest to win in your first year is the art contest. Every so
often, after an art lesson, you will be offered the chance to paint a picture
for 100g. Only do so if your daughter's art skill is above 90 points, as the
picture will be the same as her stat. That one painting will allow you to win
every art contest with no more work whatsover.

Secret shops:
Enter the town and hold [F12] + R + N + Q. Select "Cancel" to return to your 
house. Return to town and the Mad Eddy and the Beta shops will now be available.
The Mad Eddy shop gives you free money, and has rare items. 
The Beta shop allows the ending to be viewed. 

Extra morality:
When you get a dress that diminishes your daughter's morality, equip to drop 
to 0. Take anything that may raise it (church job or tutor). Change to any 
normal dress, and her morality will be what you were able to raise in the 
part-time job plus what the dress diminished. This can be done with any item
that may diminish her stats.

Olive Oly:
Enter about 30 random characters for your name and you will receive a character
named Olive Oly: Birthday April 2, Blood Type A.

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