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  Hints and Tips for: Prison Architect 
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 Prison Architect Cheats

Prison Architect

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Navigate to the Prison Architect save file folder by opening the in-game save menu
and clicking on the link found at the bottom of the Save/Load option. Locate the 
save file you wish to edit, and open it using your preferred text editor. Here you
can search for and edit various parameters as listed below to alter your file; 
it's not a bad idea to back up your save file before trying any of these! 

Password            What it does
Begin Finance #   - Edit # to the desired amount of money you wish to have.
EnableElectricity - Toggle between True or False to set whether or not you need 
                    to place any electrical appliances in your prison.
EnableWater       - Toggle between True or False to set whether or not you need 
                    to place water works in your prison.

Infinite money:
Start a new game and save it, then exit the game. Use a text editor to edit a 
prison file in the "/app data/local/introversion/Prison architect/Saves" directory.
Search for the word "finance" and you will see value for "balance". Change it any 
desired amount, save, and start the game. Select your edited saved game, and you 
should see the altered balance.

Water not needed:
Start a new game and save it, then exit the game. Use a text editor to edit a 
prison file in the "/app data/local/introversion/Prison architect/Saves" directory.
Change the value of the "EnableWater" line from "true" to "false".

Electrical appliances not needed:
Start a new game and save it, then exit the game. Use a text editor to edit a 
prison file in the "/app data/local/introversion/Prison architect/Saves" directory.
Change the value of the "EnableElectricity" line from "true" to "false". 
Note: This will prevent you from using door servos with the "Water not needed" code.

Easy "Wait And Hope" achievement:
Attempt this during the campaign. You will always have a large amount of money 
and can delay most objectives as long as desired to have enough time.

Single Cells, or Dorms? What's the Difference?:
Written by TwistedYarnBall

A getting started guide to prisoner housing options. What do cells and dorms each 
offer, and what is best for you to use in your prison. Based on many hours of 
gameplay deadicated to the persuit of housing options.

-=Single Cells=-
Prisoners privacy need is met, and it seems that most of my single cell guys have 
it fully green most of the time, keeping them a bit calmer and they very, very 
seldom attack guards or workmen entering their cells during lock-up. 
I've yet to have an escape tunnel get very far before being detected in a single 
cell, I'm guessing the game mechanics take into account that one guy digs slower 
than six. 
You get to see the occupants cell quality entitlement, meaning you can ensure 
prisoners are assigned the correct levels and can the add or remove improvement 
objects as needed. I've yet to see any evidence that a prisoner having the correct 
level makes them any more or less well behaved, the only thing it seems to have 
an effect on is not allowing prisoners to have higher than they are entitled to.... 
and my OCD about this 
Of course, they take up much, much more room. 

-=Dorms - (Small)=-
Privacy needs for those who have them are always dropped low, this really makes 
your prisoners pi**ed off. They often attack guards or workmen entering the 
dorms, even when all other needs are met, but this one seems to really get to 
the guys who have this need. 
They seem to dig tunnels much, much faster. I've had 10 escapes so far on my 
current prison by day 30. Six of these were from a 6 man dorm. (never you mind 
the other four.... I may or may not have left a gate unlocked for workmen and 
forgotten to lock it back up, and thre guys may or may not have just walked out 
unquestioned) Even the tunnels I've found coming out of dorms are much longer 
than any I've found from single cells. 
When they do dig their way out, you lose the full dorm of prisoners, not just 
one from a single cell..... I other words, you need to be on high alert for 
tunnels. I try to remember to do a full toilet search every 2-3 game days in 
4-6 man dorm wings. This is doing a good job of keeping would-be ecapists under 
control. mega-dorms will likely need daily searches, and I don't know as yet if 
you would lose all cell occupants - in my case 56 - I'm going to allow them the 
chance to dig out at a later time and see if they all make a run for it together 
Prisoners fight in their cells. Then the guards run in to sort it out and they 
end up being attacked. If you are running a punishment-heavy prison with lots 
of angry prisoners, this often gets out of control FAST. The prisoners who were 
not fighting can take the change to leg it out the jail door and then riot in 
the main body of the jail, while the guard is being beaten up by the prisoners 
who were fighting. You NEED to make sure you have guard patrols in dorm wings 
to stop this happening. 
I have tried to observe various security levels and reputaions to see if they 
have an effect on negative in-dorm behaviour. It seems they do. When having a 
mixed security dorm wing, the dorms that contained 1 or 2 high security prisoners 
were always resulting in fights, but the med security only dorms had this happen 
much less - but they do still fight. Those with negative reps also seem to cause 
dorm problems much more often. Some prisoners just are not suited to dorm life 
and will cause no end of trouble for you to combat. 
If you haven't gotten and C.I's yet... prepare for all your snitches and ex-law 
enforcement to snuff it pretty sharpish. Not even their cells are safe for them. 
You need to find these guys fast when using dorms. Go put a bunch of guys in 
solitary and get some C.I's .... lots of C.I's; you'll need them if you want 
to avoid too many D.I.C's. 
The huge bonus being you can cram so many more prisoners into such a small space 
to generate that revenue. If you're willing to add the extra security to your 
prison to combat the dorm problems then they are far superior IMO. You just 
have to be well aware of the goings-on of your prisoners. Perhaps try to have 
low-med security in dorms, with high-super in cells. 

-=Dorms - (Large)=-
It's worth a note that I've only fully played with four and six capacity dorms 
so far, I've just built two 56 capacity ones that are slowly filling up, will 
update if I find any effects of these mega-dorms.

The first and most annoying thing I've found with these, when they are first 
built they, of course, have no occupants (giving you the extra 3x quailty rating 
of 12 squares per prisoner), and the chairs/showers/TVs ect all meet the quota 
for 1x object per X prisoners. This means you get all the improvement items and
 your mega-dorm will have a very high cell quality rating, that will drop down 
when it gets some prisoners living in it.... but you can't assign any prisoners 
too it because all avalible cells are too high a quality for new receptions. 
The only way I've found to combat this is to turn off the cell quality assignment 
settings until the dorms are full and drop back down to a lower rating. This 
however messes up the rest of your prison as prisoners get assigned the wrong 
cells by the guards, that then have to be reassigned after you've filled your 
mega-dorms and turned on the cell ratings setting again. That thing I mentioned
before about entitlement/quality.... now you have to go over your whole prison 
and figure where everyone's been moved to and fix it all again......... 
hella annoying.

Infinite Money Cheat:
Follow these steps:

* Start the game, then simply navigate your way to the main menu to select the Open Saves Folder.
It is possible to navigate to the folder out of the game. The file directory using Windows is:
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Introversion\Prison Architect\saves

(This cheat is now broken) Not broken, change the “2nd” Balance in the file, not the first.

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