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  Hints and Tips for: Prisoner of War 
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 Prisoner of War Cheats

Prisoner of War

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Enter these codes at the password screen. 

Cheat          Result
QUINCY       - Guard perception secret
MUFFIN       - Guard size secret
FATTY        - Defiance secret
DINO         - Unlimited goodies
FOXY         - Top down mode
BOSTON       - First person mode
FARLEYMYDOG  - All secrets
DEFAULTM     - Default chapters
GER1ENG5     - All chapters
alltimes     - All daily events.
coretimes    - All core events.
Togsavecan   - Toggle in-game saves.
Showtime     - Display current event at all times.
Kaz          - Display peripheral vision radar.

Colditz: Lockpick:
The lockpick is on the desk at the start. Run and swipe the lockpick
then run back to the barracks and open up your hiding place. Transfer
the lockpick into it. It will then be there when you get back to it. 

Stalag Luft: Easy loot:
Go into mess hall and ask the people you gave to bribe for help to 
distract the guards. He will start screaming on the floor. Wait until
the guard approaches him. Then, go behind the kitchen and take the 
brass key located there and find lots of contraband. You can do this
every day. As long as you are quick, you will not get caught even when
the chef cries for the guards. 

Go into the kitchen, and when the cook's back is turned, run into the 
kitchen to find 100 currency and a brass key. Then, quickly run out. 

Nazi uniforms:
If you wear the Nazi uniform while exploring the camp, stay way from 
higher ranking Nazis. They will be able to detect your disguise. 

Alcohol and cigarettes:
Always get alcohol and cigarettes when they are found while exploring 
the camp. They are required to bribe guards and to get objects and 
services from other prisoners. They can also be used in exchange for
your confiscated equipment. 

Colditz: Hiding place:
During your second time in Colditz, when trying to grapple the balcony in
objective 2 and a guard sees you, run into the closet hiding place in the
main stairway. No guards will see you. This is also a good place to hide
if you miss roll call. 

Free hints:
Gain a load of currency and then save the game. Afterwards, talk to the 
Major which gives you hints. You should get 150 currency to get all three
hints. After you have heard these helpful hints, load from the last save 
point and use the info to help you on your objective. If you keep the same
amount of currency, you can do this for the next objective. As you have used
the hints but not saved afterwards, at the end of the level the game will 
not register their use, and you can get a higher grade at the end. 

No capture or shooting:
Note: This will only work if you save regularly. If during an objective you
are shot or captured, load from the last save point. If you save after every
objective, you will not have to do those objectives again.


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