Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 
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 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Also known as: "PES 2016"

-=European Classics=-
Pos  Fantasy names    Real names
TW   B. Uhrmann       Kahn
TW   C. Rasch         Schmeichel
VS   R. de Bruijn     Stam
VS   R. Daniele       Maldini
VS   E. Bonfichi      F. Cannavaro
VS   E. Claire        Desailly
VS   R. Cleitman      Blanc
VS   D. Gavrilovic    Mihajlovic
LV   V. Guillemin     Lizarazu
RV   S. Daumier       Thuram
DMF  H. San Martin    Guardiola
DMF  M. Clave         Hierro
DMF  V. de Broglie    Makélélé
ZMF  R. Grant         Scholes
ZMF  N. Gusmeroli     Vieira
ZMF  E. Halls         Roy Keane
RM   E. Rego          Figo
RM   E. Saunders      Beckham
OMF  L. Caze          Zidane
OMF  A. Brabec        Nedved
OMF  R. Dommartin     Ballack
OMF  T. Stanic        Boban
OMF  A. Brito         Rui Costa
RA   G. Hermans       Overmars
HS   L. Giombini      R. Baggio
HS   E. Bottas        Litmanen
HS   F. Kok           Bergkamp
MS   D. Polischuk     Shevchenko
MS   L. Dekker        Van Nistelrooy
MS   T. Monleone      Inzaghi
MS   Q. Daltrey       Shearer
MS   D. Gay           Owen

-=World Classics=-
Pos  Fantasy names    Real names
TW   I. Zapatero      Chilavert
TW   J. Da Gama       Taffarel
TW   M. Larraya       J. Campos
VS   J. Saizal        Ayala
VS   T. Miranda       Aldair
VS   J. Clos          Montero
VS   Eulseon Ok       Bo Hong-Myung
VS   S. Turiel        Iván Córdoba
LV   H. Mata          Roberto Carlos
LV   L. Sotherton     Babayaro
RV   E. Pahissa       Arce
RV   D. Noronha       Cafu
DMF  M. Lledo         Redondo
DMF  I. Lys           Almeyda
DMF  A. Correia       Dunga
DMF  R. Vasconcelos   Emerson
DMF  R. Vidre         Simeone
RM   D. Bauza         Solano
OMF  A. Enright       Okocha
OMF  M. Ferrando      Valderrama
OMF  M. Eto           Nakata
LA   E. Cavalcante    Denilson
LA   J. Salisachs     C. López
HS   F. Canabal       Ortega
HS   J. Mapleton      Kanu
MS   S. Cavalcanti    Ronaldo
MS   E. Doblas        Batistuta
MS   U. Blank         I. Zamorano
MS   P. Moura         Romário
MS   K. Pleasence     Weah
MS   I. Clavero       M. Salas
MS   J. Versois       MöBoma

Love The Past, Play The Future -- Konami's venerable footie franchise returns 
to core gameplay values of PES 2015 and focusing on the many new gameplay and 
presentational elements that will further establish the series as the definitive
soccer experience. The game further integrates the industry-leading Fox Engine 
to bring the on-pitch action to life, and features a redeveloped Master League
and many other gameplay enhancements and tweaks to perfect the footballer action.
PES 2016 will also includes the UEFA Champions League club competition, with both
the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League club competitions featured as 
individual modes or within the larger season overview upon qualification - with
the UEFA Super Cup featured within the iconic Master League mode.

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