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  Hints and Tips for: Pro Evolution Soccer 4 
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 Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 4

Submitted by: Haspa 

Easy goals:
When the ball has completely gone over the line, but before your player 
begins to celebrate, pause game play and watch the replay. Every time you 
watch the replay, an extra goal will added to your score.

Swapping players to different teams:
Go to edit mode. Go to registration player, then select the team that has
the player first. Next, click on the player that you want to move. Another
half screen will appear with the team names on it. Select the team, and 
when you play a match with them he will be there.

Trevor Brooking's voice:
Press any button at the title screen. Leave the game at the main menu for
a few minutes until it returns to the introduction sequence. Watch or skip
the introduction to go back to the main title screen again. Trevor Brooking
should now say "Pro Evolution Soccer 4" instead of Peter Brackly.

Easy money:
When you are doing a cup, remove your memory card and do the cup. When you
have won the cup, you will get a lot of money. Then, go to the shop and buy
anything. When you have selected what you want to buy, insert your memory 
card again and save what you have bought. The cup that you won will not be
saved. Restart the game and the cup you have just won will be gone, but the
item that you bought will still be there. Do the cup again and to get a lot
of money again.

Easy shop points:
Go into International League mode and choose to play only three teams in one
half of a season. Make sure you end up at the top of your league. After your
three games, you will get 1,500 PES Shop Points for winning the league. You 
will also get 50 points a game (150 total) to that as well.

Names of Teams:
-=Real Club Names=-
North London: Arsenal
West Midlands Village: Aston Villa
West Midlands City: Birmingham
Lancashire: Blackburn Rovers
Middlebrook: Bolton Wanderers
South East London: Charlton Athletic
West London Blue: Chelsea
Crisisbless: Crystal Palace
Merseyside Blue: Everton
West London White: Fulham
Merseyside Red: Liverpool
Man Blue: Manchester City
Man Red: Manchester United
Teesside: Middlesbrough
Tyneside: Newcastle United
Northluck C: Norwich City
Pompy: Portsmouth
Soton: Southampton
North East London: Tottenham Hotspur
Nextbaumedge: West Bromwich Albion
Corse Sud: AC Ajaccio
Azur: AS Monaco
Bourgogne: AJ Auxerre
Haute Corse: Bastia
Aquitaine: Bordeaux
Kalm: Caen
Equpris: Istres
Pas de Calais: Lille
Rhone: Lyon
Moselle: Metz
Loire Océan: Nantes
Alpes Maritimes: Nice
Bouches du Rhone: Olympique Marseille
Ile de France: PSG
Nord: RC Lens
Bretagne: Rennes
Somesterrine: Saint Etienne
Franche-Comté: Sochaux
Alsace: Strasbourg
Garonne: Toulouse FC
Wizland: Arminia Bielefeld
Rhein: Bayer Leverkusen
Rekordmeister: Bayern München
Pott: VfL Bochum
Westfalen: Borussia Dortmund
Fohlen: B. Mönchengladbach
Breisgau: SC Freiburg
Hanseaten: Hamburger SV
Niedersachsen: Hannover 96
Mecklenburg: Hansa Rostock
Haupstadt: Hertha Berlin
Pfalz 1.: Kaiserslautern FC
Naunz: Mainz
Mulenbalok: Nürnberg
Ruhr: Schalke 04
Neckar: VfB Stuttgart
Autostadt: VfL Wolfsburg
Weser: Werder Bremen
Patagonia: Boca Juniors
Pampas: River Plate
FC Belgium: Club Brugge
Bruxelles: Anderlecht
Belo Horizonte: Cruzeiro
Praha: Sparta Prague
AC Greek: AEK Athens
Peloponnisos: Olympiacos
Athenakos: FC Panathinaikos
Lisbonera: Benfica
Puerto: FC Porto
Esportiva: Sporting Lisbon
L.Mossubann: Lokomotiv Moscow
Valdai: Spartak Moscow
Old Firm Green: Celtic
Old Firm Blue: Glasgow Rangers
Balvidan: Partizan Belgrade
Bejutassle: Besiktas
Byzantinobul: Galatasaray
Marmara: Dynamo Kyiv

Reborn legends:
Once a player has retired in a Master League season, you can find them 
again one or two seasons later in the team called Unbelonging. They will
be 16 years old and be able to advance their stats during the season to 
make them even better than before.

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